Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by creste, Jun 6, 2008.

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  1. Hello, I'm from Nortern Ireland and my 2nd interview is on friday.
    My recuriter says i need a passport to be able to fly over to England
    to do basic.. However i don't have a passport as i have never been outside
    of the u.k before and i was wondering if the army did any sort of grant
    to pay for a passport?
    Even though im not yet in the army (but i'm hoping to join for september intake)

    Any awnsers apreciated.
  2. Fcuk me !!!!!!!

    What a prat
  3. WAH!

    Or, if you're serious, surely Northern Ireland is part of the UK? Even says Great Britain and Northern Ireland on my passport...
  4. We need passport to fly over to england..
    you dont need anything to go over in a boat though..

    And i dont really want to spend £75 for a passport to do basic lol
  5. So go in the boat, dickhead.
  6. OK....

    You need photographic proof of ID to fly, Not necessarily a passport
  7. who says u need 2 pay that whats wrong with the ferry ?
    i would and hav spent more than 75 quid for startin basic but thats because it means more 2 others :!:
  8. What crap your recuiter is talking. I presume your doing it with the ones in Palace?
  9. You dont need a passport thats bollocks. Ive served in NI and i used my driving licence. Its part of the UK FFS! Are you sure the recruiter doesnt think you're from the RoI?
  10. we'll even if i did go to basic on a ferry,
    i'd hardly get sent to afghanistan on a boat
    too, i'm gonna need a passport at some time
  11. Yeah, Hopefully will be at Palace in a few weeks..

    The recruiter mentioned to me i'd need one
    and he also wrote it down on a things to do list
    ages ago along with national insurance number,
    birth certificate gcse results and all that stuff.
  12. ffs m8 afghan is miles away from passing basic never mind going there lol

    worry about afghan when they issue ure passport before u go :lol:

    Are u just looking for a free passport ?
  13. lol nah, never been outside of the uk and dont intend to
    anytime soon. passport prices are rediciulos though and i've
    literally got about £12 to my name
  14. I think her majesty paid for mine, worry about it when you get in. I really hope thats not your photo on your avatar.
  15. haha well it actually is
    im far left and the one next to me
    is in the process of joining too..
    his big bro serverd in the
    royal irish for years