hi, i got selection tomorrow at pirbright (wish me luck) and i was discussing basic training with my parents and realised my passport expires this month, will i need to renew it myself or will the army? i heard u get a military passport (not sure if thats true) but can someone let me know what if i need to renew it

thanks Luis

P.s anyone going to selection 2moro at pirbright?
Don't worry about it. The army will sort you out with a passport courtesy of the tax payer and believe me you'll need it!


Good luck in joining the Army and don't worry about the training phase: just get through it. It will have some büllshit, you will get tired, wet and very píssed off at times, but it is just something to do until joining your Regiment. You might even enjoy it!

There is no such thing as a military passport. There is an A4 document called a NATO Travel Order that in conjuntion with your ID card (and sometimes the written exercise/posting/deployment instruction) function as a passport within NATO countries.

There should be some stage within training where you get your photo taken and have to fill out some paperwork. As you already have a passport it should be easier and quicker to get your replacement. In my day (because I am an old bugger), the Army used to pay for it.


ok thanks for the info. i can do the run without walking so its not a problem.
i ran 9mins 47 yesterday =)


thanks im hoping it isnt gonna be 100mph winds on friday, its difficult running into the wind lol

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