Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Caveman, Oct 13, 2006.

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  1. hope this is the right place

    i,m due to get posted to germany next monday (fly on the dunday) and i,ve lost my passport, i,ve contacted the passport people and have an appoinment on monday but it will take a week after that for it to arrive, they have said a can get one quicker if i get a letter from my co stating that i need it to travel but can;t get hold of the bty or reg clerks, i have a copy of my posting order so i have something that states i need to fly, any help anyone
  2. Get to the nearest military unit now! They can produce a NATO Travel Order which, supported by your MOD 90 and the copy of your posting order, will be good enough for both UK and GE border controls and most major UK carriers. Good Luck.
  3. As NS said, get NATO travel order, no probs then.
  4. Who are you flying with? Civvi or Crab Air?

    Why are you flying? Can you catch the train instead? If you go via the chunnel then all you need is your MOD90 and a NATO travel order.

    And why does it take so long to get your passport? Here in Budapest it takes 24hrs max (they did my last one in 6 hours).

    In the meantime search for your passport and borrow your brother's or your dad's. In the unlikely event of anyone noticing just come out with a sob story about having picked up the wrong passport from home (you were disorientated having just flown back from Afhanistan, etc having a forces ID card and a NATO travel order plus your posting details should be able to smooth you through).

    Good luck you muppet. :)

    Ed to add: beaten by faster typers!
  5. any acio should be able to issue a nato travel order.
  6. Keep the receipts and claim for the cost of renewing your passport as it for miltary reason (posting).
  7. Forget about getting a new passport in time, the cnuts have just gone on strike (they want more money as the passports now cost more - nothing to do with the new technology and associated costs then?):

    Lazy passport workers demand more cash for eff all.

    I've heard some sh!tty advice in my time but nothing like this. You will end up in a world of hurt if you try and use someone else's passport and get caught. Your new unit will have you marked down as trouble once you are reported to them via the British Embassy. German passport control officers have no sense of humour and are not to be messed with.

    The NATO Travel Order and ID Card are perfectly acceptable. I flew to Paderborn with Air Berlin using them last year. No problems.
  9. Interceptor, quite right, thats not advice, that's stupidity, NATO Travel Order and P/O accompanied by MOD F 90 will suffice. Apply for a new passport through your RAO upon arrival, I believe they are processed in Rhindahlan (G1 Comp), not sure on the payment as you have lost yours, RAO will tell you.
  10. a passport can be issued in a day if you provide proof of travel and all supporting docs are in order and photos meet the required standards
  11. Fairmaidofperth is right, go to your nearest Pasport Office and wait 6 hours in a line and you might be one of the lucky ones who get one then and there, Petit France in London will do it.