Passport to Trouble - Easy Entry Scheme

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by OldStripey, Apr 10, 2009.

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  1. Today's press reports al-Qaeda may have been days away from carrying out co-ordinated attacks, on British shopping centres. Also claimed in the News is at "least three in every four terror plots currently under investigation in the UK have their roots in Pakistan". Allegedly.

    Notwithstanding the countless "Mosques", Cafes, Takeaways, and hordes of immigrants now hanging around our street corners, we are now directed elsewhere, towards loopholes in our University sector.

    Whether accurate or not, allegations have been made that this country hands out (abusing the system) unwarranted visas, indiscriminately, to foreign (and questionable) students, and that ministers may have admitted that student visas "were the major loophole in Britain's border controls". Possibly, there are widespread bogus Colleges out there.

    If true, misguided Marxist Colleges and Uni's may actually be encouraging undesirables and aiding illegal students, through their love everybody mentality and "let's have everyone for our multiculural society" mantra.

    If immigration checks are not working, or even too lax, and undesirables can sneak in as "students", or work in CAB's accessing valuable information systems, when will the wets, lazy officials and the liberals wake up to what they are actually fostering and encouraging here?

    By all accounts, Easter could have been much , much worse for some.
  2. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    we only have the Brown regime's word for this. while I dont doubt that the threat has disappeared by any means, if they put out a press release saying that the sky was blue I'd have problems believing it.

    as for them 'waking up'? possibly - Blears has just told the MCB where to get off (in a quite uncharacteristic display of spine - not what you expect from these robbing gits at all - ) but as to whether common sense will break out? I wouldnt hold your breath.
  3. BBC News 1530. Patrick Mercer just made some valid points about border controls. Migration Watch has called recent events in the Northwest "a wake up call". Apparently, over 9500 Pakistani "students" were given Visas last year.

    Migration Watch, racial profiling and negative stereotyping aside, there seems to be good reason for concern. It's the TV News of the day and not to be ignored.
  4. Everybody on here seems to love banging the "university lecturers are all wooly lefties" drum; but mine were completely the opposite (and most of them were too professional to reveal any political allegiances). If universities are helping people overstay their visa, it's probably because they make most of their money out of international students.
  5. "Migration Watch, racial profiling and negative stereotyping aside, there seems to be good reason for concern. It's the TV News of the day and not to be ignored."
  6. Personally I am not worried about the number of student visas being handed out to Pakistani nationals - that is not the issue. The issue is the vetting of Pakistani students who apply for visas.
  7. Call me Cynical. But it's quite amazing how they manged to put this entire OP together without the general public having ID Cards, or a DNA Database in sight.
  8. Personally, I am. Rational immigration policies and border controls that actually work, instead of sloppy liberalism and lax officialdom which apparently put us at risk. There are other more reasonable, economic, populous, security and financial considerations besides worrying about being overly PC, innit.
  9. I've worked in Higher Education as an Admissions Officer (mainly dealing with International Students) for 7 years now and I've yet to come across a Marxist academic institution. Most of them are run by that most bastardly and bastardised 'profession', the financial manager - guess where their priorities lie?. Add in the fact that most Admissions Officers at universities aren't directly involved in teaching and you're way off base with that one.

    The problem in the HE system is simply overcapacity. Too many of the new institutions can't recruit sufficient home students, Funding Council grants or research funding to keep themselves afloat without International Students and the full whack fees they pay.

    Recruiting International Students has its risks - not least of all because of the astounding levels of corruption, fraud and forgery in certain parts of the world - but there are some pretty basic steps that you can take to ensure that the people you're bringing into the country are genuine students coming here to study and not to conduct terrorist plots or bugger off into the underground labour market. They do, however, require that you have sufficient trained staff doing the job and too few institutions want to spend the money.

    One thing the Points-Based Visa System will achieve is to force university managements out of their stupor and compel them to actually invest in their student recruitment and admissions processes. If it's tackled seriously it'll result in a better quality of student for the institution as well as a reduced risk of terrorism or corruption for society. With any luck it'll also thin out a few of the degree mills that have been operating far too freely for ages.
  10. I took the tube from LHR in to King's Cross a couple of weeks ago. I'd obviously timed my journey perfectly to coincide with the PIA arrival, as the carriage was absolutely full of new arrivals who were not on a flying visit due to the sizable amount of luggage in evidence. Every single one was IC4 male youth, and to a man they did not look like individuals excited by the fact they'd arrived in another country. The banter (in Urdu) was guarded. The looks were sullen and downright hostile. I'd even go as far as to use the word hatred - the mood was that palpable. And then there was me: cropped swede, dessies and a bergen. If looks could kill. It's the first time I've ever felt uncomfortable in the nation's capital... ever.

    My point? Without tarring every Pakistani with the same brush, I did wonder just WTF their problem was, and if it really was that much of a problem (cause there was no smiley faces in my direction that's for sure), then (again) WTF were they doing in MY country? I think if I'd have used the same body language on a train out of Karachi or Islamabad then I would've received - and deserved - a kicking. Just what is it that they're 'learning' that cannot be 'learnt' in Pakistan and (thus) necessitates a trip to Blighty?

    Baffled of Melton Mowbray
  11. In many senses, nothing. They can, after all, get the same textbooks off Amazon if they want.

    What in most cases they can't get back home is the quality of teaching staff and resources that UK institutions have been building up for donkeys now. Add in the world dominance of the English language and they're coming here because we're victims of our own success. We've got it, we're selling it, they want it and can pay. Simple as.
  12. "The looks were sullen and downright hostile. I'd even go as far as to use the word hatred".

    Yes, so would I. But not in the way you mean.

    "WTF were they doing in MY country? I think if I'd have used the same body language on a train out of Karachi or Islamabad then I would've received - and deserved - a kicking".

    I rest my case.
  13. And your 'case' is? I emphasised the 'MY' country because... er... it is - I was born and raised here. I'm not a bigoted moron. I'm well-travelled and an advocate of 'when in Rome'. I'm just baffled as the the motives of some of these 'students'. I'm quite familiar with foreign student mentality. They're mainly cosmopolitan, polite, impeccably mannered and affable - and knock our 'overseas ambassadors' into a cocked hat. The same could not be said for the occupants of that tube carriage, 99% of whom looked ready to scream 'Allah Akhbar!' and whip my swede off! Or was it just me being paranoid and having an off day?
  14. There's no Marxism in British Uni's? Really....

    "Marxist Society begins at Queen Mary, University of London "

    And rather than facing up to facts, let's just play the race card or blame all the admission- and financial controllers while we're at it.

    There appear to be problems, and putting equality and diversity before commonsense security, helps dissidents from "you know where" because we have to be awfully nice, tolerant, and not paranoid at all. Still, none of them regard us with disdain, there's no hatred of us Brits by foreign nationals among us, nor do they resent our troops. People don't violently demonstrate in Luton, against returning regiments, either.

    Well, that's alright then.
  15. I don't know if you actually read the article, but that's just some poxy little student group. They don't have any say on the actual running of the university.

    54 members out of a 15,000 student body: Clearly a real hotbed of dissent there.