Passport Required for Travel within UK

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by TangoZeroAlpha, Oct 25, 2007.

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  1. Yeah, but only if they're from northern ireland.

    You should be a politician... with misleading comments like that.

  2. It already happens. Try travelling by easyjet on an internal UK flight without a passport and see how long you are at the counter for. Ultimately who cares; bring in ID cards for all.
  3. It's only for people travelling from the British mainland to the free state mate.
  4. Recently I visited a friend up in Monaghan. It's possible to enter and leave the UK a few times just by going 10 miles down the road, so the last time I visited the UK I was only aware of having been there a minute or two after I'd left :)

    Yes but given that Fianna Fail shower's record on planning or implementing anything I can't see the Republic getting anything like that before maybe the year 2025.

    Until then Mr Illegal Immigrant will be able to get past the officer asleep or overwhelmed at the desk in Dublin airport, get the bus up the road to Belfast, ferry to Stranraer and he's home and dry.
  5. Yawn!

    My missus needs her passport to visit me on unit, so what? It's an important piece of photo ID, most airlines won't accept anything else when checking in for internal flights.
  6. Works for me.

    What does not work is the adoption of the Schengen Agreement across the EU when you have some participating states and those close to them with porous borders.
  7. I've travelled on a MOD90 & drivers license and never had probs.
  8. Passport and presumably, if this appalling government gets its way, ID Card, and, and MOD F90.

    Why don't we all get tattooed on the arse and save some s*dding money?
  9. My dogs both have RFID chips implanted.

    Only a matter of time before humans get them
  10. It wont be that long before people read news columns properly either :roll:
  11. Hang on, border control in certain areas might not be so bad :roll:
  12. I've found it quite ironic that I've had to produce my British passport for domestic flights within the UK, when the country is awash with the rest of the planet who don't have them. Shurley shome mishtake?
  13. Except all the other things they list that they'll except that is.......
  14. ID card will only be useful if used in combination with a Thumb and finger print scans, to verify if that person is an illegal immigrant, Claiming multiple benefits in different names, is on the Terrorist list or suspected, opening a bank account to prevent money laundering or has expired visas, In fact the technology is there already why not use it to prevent fraud, bogus asylum seekers, Visa overstayers, has an arrest warrent outstanding or is wanted for criminal offences.

    I think that is where the current ID card system is failing on, it concentrated too much on keeping tabs on law abiding citizens and not on the Criminal elements.