Passport Required at Foreign Hotels?

Discussion in 'Travel' started by Your_Mums_Pal, Feb 3, 2013.

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  1. For those of you who are traveling often, whenever you stay at a hotel overseas are you usually required to present your passport to the reception staff when you check in?

    I had an incident in here a couple of weeks back that has escalated into a massive complaint. I had a group of French guys staying with us and when I asked for a passport (we record the number on the check-in invoice) they were adamant that it wasn't required and claimed they didn't have a passport. I spent a good twenty minutes arguing with them and trying to tell them that it was a legal requirement until one finally showed his.

    As far as I'm aware, I need to record the passport number of foreign guests. If they are UK residents then it is okay ("NO! I am French! Not UK!," said the lead Frog) and there is a weird aside for former commonwealth countries but even EU residents still have to show their passport. Thing is, I'm not sure if this is our company policy or an actual legal thing.
  2. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    I have been asked to show it everywhere I go on my travels.

    I assumed it was some sort of requirement in the event I smashed the place up and the Police would need to find me afterwards. Why those cheese sniffing beret - bandits disapproved of your request is beyond me.
  3. happened to me when based in Germany a few times - when asked for a passport on check in I explained that i didn't carry it, was never a problem. I expect that its company policy not law??
  4. I think that might be the case. I've never asked but can't seem to find any paperwork in the back about it. I'll maybe email the gaffer and see if she can let me know by the morning. Complaint is out of my hands anyway.

    We do take passport/driving licence numbers for cash payments at hotels as it helps police to keep tabs on you if you do anything naughty so you're probably right.
  5. I am American and I never carry my passport within the UK, never been asked for it either. And I stay a lot in hotel rooms.
  6. If French they may have been travelling in the UK on their national ID card (carte nationale d'identité sécurisée) and left their passports at home. You can travel throughout the EU with that, as well as Andorra, Monaco and Switzerland.
  7. In a nutshell.

  8. Yep, we can take that. I asked for that, too.

    It is entirely possible that they were staying with a friend or something like that and didn't realise they needed to pick up their passports to travel up and stay with us. There are all sorts of possibilities, really.
  9. The French do not require a passport to travel to the UK. Their driving licence suffices. Maybe that was the reason for their belligerence?
  10. Why can't we travel through Europe on our national ID cards then???

    Oh, right.
  11. has that not been surpassed by EU & European laws? Edited to add, i've got a number of Irish relatives who've never been asked for passports when we've stayed at hotels for wedding, funerals, group fights etc.
  12. You can travel on your driving licence. You only need a passport when on a jaunt in the outrage bus :)
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  13. These ***** had clearly arrived on the French Outrage Bus.

    It was a weird navy blue, small and energy efficient.
  14. Thanks for that - quite handy. I always believed that was the case.
  15. Passport is not a legal requirement. Everybody thinks it is but it isn't.