Passport renewal question

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Tartan_Terrier, Jan 7, 2011.

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  1. Hi troops,
    Just filling out the form for my passport renewal and am wondering if it's necessary to get the photos signed ("this photograph is a true likeness of...bla bla"). Is this required for renewals?

    Anyone here renewed their passport recently who knows for sure? I'd rather not spend half the day looking for a judge, justice of the peace or similar if I can avoid it.

    Another thing, why on Earth does it cost 160 Euros for a new passport? Daylight robbery!!

  2. One of the two photos needs to be countersigned by the same upstanding British citizen that signs the back page of the renewal form.
  3. That's what it says on the notes for guidance, but on the page entitled 'steps to renew your adult passport' it says:

    Anyone know what to believe?
  4. As Mr C says, only if you don't look like the photo in your current passport. I got mine changed in 2009, and certainly did not have the new photos signed.
  5. Mrs Rockpile renewed her passport recently. She did it via the Internet and it was a brilliant service. Photos did not need to be certified.
  6. If you are renewing a passport
    If you are renewing your passport, you only need to get your form countersigned and a photograph certified if you look very different from the photograph in your most recent passport.

    That's how I did mine when I renewed my passport 3 years ago.
    I used the Post Office checking service (cost £5, I think) and didn't bother getting the photos signed. The Counter Assistant who went through the completed form with me agreed that the new photos were of me and that they were not much different to the photo in my old passport.

  7. From the list of upstanding citizens.

    "Member of Parliament"

    Made oi larf!
  8. Renewed mine about a year ago, didn't need photo's signed. Best check the documentation first though.

  9. Yes, it is a UK passport I mean, national pride has so far kept me from donning the horned helmet of my Viking hosts.
  10. just(3 weeks ago) had mine reniewed didnt need counter-signing
  11. It's worth getting it done -just in case. Having been on the side of bureaucratic nazi at the passport office, double-up on everything. They might even make you get the photos re-taken in case they're not "perfect" or a single, solitary hair is in the wrong place. Drove me nucking futs it did , on renewal!
  12. Has anyone here got any experience with the UK passport office in Germany?
  13. Thanks for raising this mine runs out this year
  14. No experience but here is the info for British citizens applying from Denmark:

    How to apply from Denmark