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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by john197014, Aug 25, 2008.

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  1. Can a unit (legally!) order its soldiers to hand in passports to RHQ before a deployment?
    I ask because I thought a passport is a document that should be held by the person who's name is on it.
    (I realise that every unit has fkwits who will "lose" or "misplace" them just before deploying!!) :D
  2. I don't think that they legally can, but you'd have to bloody brave or something else if you argued your point. It also depends if your talking about it being 'collected' immediately prior to mobilisation or six months before.

    Edited to add, if it's the former it seems like common sense to me. You also have to remember that the passport (I think) does not belong to the holder, but the issuing department. You just have to pay for the priveleage.
  3. Cheers for the quick :D reply!
  4. I have had this problem in the past.

    A passport is personal documentation, so therefore cannot be held by the unit.

    I do understand the reason for it, but they could fall back on using a NATO travel order if the soldier thinks that if they do not possess a passoprt they cannot deploy to a NATO country.

    Stand your ground.
  5. all true. the passport belongs to the crown. it would make sense however for a unit to hold them all on deployment.....i have deployed before and had mine taken in by the rao. prob just as well cos they cost a bloody fortune now to replace. although you can get a bulgarian one on the qt. in any name you want. :roll:
  6. I concur with Pyrex. A passport is an individuals document. If you are deploying then you either travel on a NATO Travel Order & an ID Card. Surely the movers and folk at the airhead would have a copy of the manifest.

    I had a passport paid for by the firm but it was my property. Seems rather a strange request for folk to hand in their passports in this day & age ! I would question the rationale behind this.
  7. i and all pvts, lance jacks had to hand ours in during our posting to cyprus, always thought it was bolloks but saying to old csm boy that its my prop etc prob wouldnt of done much for my weekend time!!
  8. Thanks Killaloe.

    So what if say you made a snap decision and wanted to take a day trip to Calais to stock up on booze for example? You would have to get permission from the Army to get your passport back.

    Bollox to that, if I want to go away, then I will!!!
  9. Before anyone gets their knickers in a twist, I have 'experienced' individuals just before deployment coming to me saying 'I've lost my passport' or it has run out. For those that advacate the use of a Nato travel order, it is only valid in NATO countries, and the last time I checked neither of our current deployments are members. On the flip side why you need travel documents at all has always puzzled me. I am assuming it has something to do with an agreement somewhere, HAIG springs to mind. Any knowledgable takers?
  10. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    No, they can't, but as usual persuading the CoC that they are wrong is difficult.

    Once deployed on Ops, there is nothing wrong with taking them all in for safe keeping, to prevent hitches when returning home. But back in the UK/BFG/wherever? Nope, it's a personal document that does not belong to the army (even if the army paid for it) so they have no right to keep it.

    Suggest your unit hold a MCCP suitably far enough away from any deployment to check passports, ensuring there is enough time to obtain replacements if a problem is highlighted- then AGAI67 the living fuck out of any muppet who "loses" his between the MCCP and the deployment. And when his new one turns up, double-tour the clown.
  11. A good solution used by some of our coalition partners, is to have an 'official passport' issued by the firm. This is held and controlled by unit and prevents the "but Sir I've lost my passport and can't deploy" excuse I've witnessed previously. Any normal 'personal' passport the individual gets is his own and his responsibility, allowing him to travel wherever and wherever his budget/time off allows.

    As the system already pays for your passport anyway it wouldn't be a huge cost increase and would answer both issues; and before someone says "you can't have two pasports at once", you can, I do (and the other one isn't Bulgarian!).

    Standing by for the 'logic destroyer' comments.
  12. Don't tell me, you have one in the name of Barbara?
  13. Do you work in the passport office? That's just spooky!
  14. Having been through the pain of deploying troops far too many times, getting the docs in order before going out the door is good practice. I don't see anything wrong with them wanting to square the admin away prior to deployment - it isn't like they are grounding you for 6 months is it?

    You need your passport in case your flight has to divert for whatever reason. Many countries would not let you off the pan without a passport - you'd be in the poo as NATO Travel Orders are, as you might guess, NATO only.
  15. Shame cant work the other way round when warned for ops passport gets collected and if you want to go on holiday you get a travel order.