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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Crook92, Jan 11, 2012.

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  1. Hi guys, need some advise i've tried ringing my local afco to see if it will be a problem but no one is answering. Im off to catterick on the 5th of febuary and my passport expires on the 28th of feb, will this be a problem? and should i renew it before i start or ? Cheers in advance !
  2. I would personally suggest renewing your passport anyway as it is always handy to have one to hand. I believe you should be find taking your passport as it will still be in date by 23 days, however you will not be able to travel abroad with it as you need to have 6months+ of date left on it.

    At this time of you the turnaround should be pretty quick, however I believe you need to send off your old one for a renewal, so maybe you're best checking with your AFCO when someone eventually answers. They may simple be able to photocopy it and use their endorsement stamp, however this is unlikely.
  3. Do you live outside of the UK? If not then I don't think you should have too many problems getting in to the Peoples Republic of Catterick.

    Get an application form from the Post Office, fill it out but don't send it off - take it with you - Speak to training staff when you get there. (You will be most probably be shoved down the admin office during you arrivals procedure and have it taken off your hands - if not explain that it's due renewal; they will tell you what to do or most likely do it for you.)
  4. It's ok. Catterick is within the UK.
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  5. You can travel up to the expiry date of your passport unless visa restrictions of the country you are travelling to demand otherwise, or it would be a 9 year 6 month passport not a 10 year one. (I did 6 months ago with 2 weeks on mine). If you renew it now the month you have left on it will be added to the new passport and at the moment the passport office is quiet so you should get it back in a few days.
  6. It all depends, if an overseas applicant you need passport and Visa in date, this is causing massive issues to those overseas applicants with having a current Visa on their start date.If British Citizen you don't need a current passport as long as your not wanting to travel on any adventure training or other jaunts etc on holiday. The army will only pay for your passport to be renewed or initial issue once in your unit and warned off for an Op tour/posting abroad otherwise if your needing to travel outside the Country you will have to renew at your own expense.
  7. Thanks guys, forgot to mension im from manchester ! Sorry.
  8. Better get it renewed quick then or they wont let you out!
  9. I have a passport which has expired, I asked my recruiter if I should get it renewed before I go to and he told me not to worry about it, and just take it with me and it will get sorted out at the begining of P1.