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This is aimed at people who have gone through basic and have been in a similiar situation. Right, I've just read through the booklet I was given at the end of selection when I was offered my job and on the list of things you need to/should bring to Basic it says a passport. Problem is, I don't have a passport. Did anyone else go to basic without a passport or is it essential?
I'm gonna get on the dog and bone to the CA tommorow about it but was just hoping to get a few experienced answers here
Depends on how your establishment interprets regs. Used to be arms plot or spearhead (which you couldn't be at phase 2),but the sensible answer would be Yes, if you are likely to be operational within a few months of joining the field Army. If in doubt, try a JPA claim (but remember, you must keep any receipts for at least 3 years in case of audit).
Bugger,I was told my son needed one before starting basic tomorrow.

Sent off for it 2 weeks ago,luckily it came on sat.
Is your son going in the infantry?

If it's essential atleast I've got time to sort it out. How long do they take to arrive these days?
I changed my name and got a new passport with it. I want to change my name back, so i have to get a new passport with my old name reinstated. Lol. I'll have to ask the army to pay for that one :D
DaPs said:
I changed my name and got a new passport with it. I want to change my name back, so i have to get a new passport with my old name reinstated. Lol. I'll have to ask the army to pay for that one :D
Fcuk off knobber. To contribute to the origanal discussion, I belive you may need it for a battlefield tour etc. The training staff should be able to get a NATO travel order for that but its best to check.
Good thing for me is if i ever lose my passport, then i only live about 4 miles away from a passport office.
I did have a passport but I lost it, I use to use it for nightclub I.D purposes but it's been out of date for atleast a year anyway. I'll have a word with my CA tommorow morning. Cheers, lads/lasses.
Dont worry i was worried about this before i went to basic. On your battlefield tour weekend your go on a thing called a NATO pass.

My Bdr said to me wait till you get to Regt because your most likely to be deployed in 6 months and then your get the passport for free. But if you want to go away during phase 2 or just after then apply for one.
I had this arguement with the AFC Harrogate last year when my son went through and needed one for AT, in the end he had to buy one with his own money. Whilst i was a Recruiting Sgt I had been led to believe that the Army would reinburst for the passports at phase 1/2 if required for recruits but the AFC wouldnt and I believe that some of the other training organisations are the same. As some one has pointed out the only time the Army has to pay for the passport of soldiers is when going on operational tours or posted abroad.

There were threads on this last year.
My eldest son as claimed the money back for his and he was not going on tour just a 3 week excercise.

He could only claim for the basic service though,he went to the office as his had run out and had to pay £96,army refunded £72.
Thanks for all the comments back. My concern was not with the money it was at turning up to Basic without a passport and being told to get on the next train back home.
Hello mate,

I did my CMSR in the regulars (now TA) and I didn't have a passport. I was given a passport form from my Pl Commander to fill in and was expected to pay for it - It was essential for my battlefield tour and everyone obviously had to have one.

Hope that answers your question.



If the Nato travel order is still valid and available then a MoD 90 will suffice, they will not turn you away for not having a passport. If the Army requires you to have anything they will issue it. If you buy anything to make your service life comfortable then it is up to the Army whether or not you can use it. Ergo you lose your passport then you will replace it at your own cost.
I was in 1981 one of the few lads that had a passport at IJLB and it was taken away from me for safekeeping. It took me two years of Nato travel orders to get my passport back. The army wont worry if you dont have one before sending you to a sandpit, lets face it they arent likely to send you home then are they?
In fact the only time I got my passport out when I served was to get it stamped in the Falklands and In Gander, just to have some stamps in it!
Do not worry if you have never been abroad about applying for a passport, if they want you to have one they will get it done for you!
Thanks again. If anyone was wondering my concerns stemmed from the booklet I was given after passing selection which has a checklist of things to bring to Basic which includes a driving license and passport.

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