Passport in the post

I have a slight problem...

Today is Mon 27th Oct. I am in Germany and need to be in the UK on Thu 30th Oct.

My passport is either at Duesseldorf being renewed, or on its way back to my unit.

The Leave & Movements clerk has me provisionally booked on a flight on Wednesday, (AirBerlin).

She says, backed by the RAO, that if my passport isn't here, I am not flying. She will give me a NATO travel order, but will not let me fly on the booked flight. I therefore have to book and pay for the SAME(!!!) flight myself. I also don't get the booked hire car.

The RAO informed me that I cannot claim anything back, because there is a flight available EVEN THOUGH THEY WON'T BOOK ME ON IT!!!

Can anyone in the know shed some light on this? I am becoming confuseder by the minute!!

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