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Bit of a bone question here but as I've never applied for my own passport before I thought it's better to be safe than sorry! Applying for my first adult passport, I had one as a nipper which is now expired. Am I applying for A) Renewal of my passport or B) My first passport (since it's my first adult passport)? Thanks.
The table on the back of the instruction book has a section for 'Getting your first adult passport' since I'm a renewal is this still me?
Google renew British passport. The page for passport info is a combined site where the Brit government has combined plenty of sites into one. Pick the passport area.
They are slow to be processed so if needed in a rush do pay the extra. From my own experience I had to do mine through Brit Embassy in NZ. It took so long I applied for an emergency travel passport in PNG. Avoid this little white document like the plague. It costs a lot and has very specific travel route printed in it and dates you pass those airports. If you travel a a lot get two passports, the immigration people like to use whole pages whenever possible. On a sidetrack, the lady in the Brit High Commission at Port Moresby did look rather flash. Nice face and large lungs.

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