passport destroyed urgent help reqd!

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by easy-wan-kenobi, Dec 25, 2005.

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  1. as you can guess by the title my passport has been destroyed, trouble is the season to be jolly has made sure i have not got much time to renew it, if i did have time i damn sure havent got any money! i am flying early january.

    can anyone help or give advice on the following?

    nato travel order?!
    forces priority at passport office?!
    tips for smuggling humans across the border for free!?
    blagging german passport kontrol?!
    not getting cought for being AWOL?!

    cheers easy
  2. Assume you have tried here : Urgent Passport applications

    try the Army Compassionate cell at Upavon UK 01980 615790 or 01980 615791

    You might not get much compassion for your sins, but there should be some G1 / SPS types there who should be able to point you in the right direction.
  3. Normally, an appointment at a passport office with your previous passport number ensures swift replacement (unfortunately, a fee is normally payable!)

    Even with a NATO travel order, they expect you to carry your passport as well :(

    As for blagging the German Passporten Kontroller, don't even go there - you'll end up with a small rodent up your rear passage :D

  4. i have rang the ukpa and left a message,

    from now on you have to make an appointment to go see them, a mate said it was £42 to get it replaced. but hes a dodgy fusker anyway. if you get there b4 midday you can get it same day.

    trouble is, getting an appointment can take up to 2 weeks. i havent got 2 weeks i have got 1! and in that week only 3-4 days are working days.

    a lady friend of mine has a nato travel order and no passport, she got across by car with no problems, has anyone tried air? do you really have to have your passport?
    how do i get a nato travel order? can i just walk into my local garrison, produce my mod 90 ring up the duty clerk and thats it or is it more technical?

    your help is greatly appreciated
  5. sorry for the chav spelling and grammar i will slap my hand for writing "B4"

    i am so ashamed
  6. as your unit has a photo copy of your passport you could try and get it faxed to the german airport
    (a faxed passport got my sister to greece on holiday last year when the dozy cow left it at home)
  7. You didn't say where are you travelling too, but if you are moving inside the European Union, then you can get away with just your driving license, as long as it the photo card kind with the EU flag on it. I tried finding a link on the Forigen and commonwealth office website, but I couldn't. Anyway, just a suggestion!
  8. Passport Office holiday opening hours

    Urgent applications

    Cost of replacing a destroyed passport if you go to the Passport Office to apply - guaranteed 1 week service - is £77.50. The only quicker way is the same-day premium service - a snip at £104.50 and four hours waiting around.

    Incidentally, I mislaid my passport in the Netherlands, and was not allowed to travel on my photo driving licence or MOD ID card - almost got away with it as the Marechaussee thought the ID card would do, but the airlines won't risk being fined by the UK Govt. In the end I had to take a taxi back to the hotel (who'd found the passport), and just made it back in time, otherwise it was off to the Embassy for an Emergency Travel Document.

    In theory no passport is needed within EU - in practice it doesn't work. Alternatively, just turn up and say you are an Iraqi/Afghan/Albanian criminal and want asylum - you may even get a new house!
  9. LOL, the last idea sounds a good one. A group of us travelled from the UK to the Netherlands last summer. One of the girls jest had a NATO travel order and a chit-in-loo and no passport. She had no problems so it would seam that you do not need your passport.
  10. im well impressed the help has been premium so far. im well impressed with arrse.

    my passport is shabby, the bloody thing got washed, the last laminated page is still intact and all the other pages are there but smudged. anyone in the know as to what they are looking for? will i get away with this shite document?

    also how can i get a nato travel order at home? just in case

    i havent got £104 or a week to wait.

    much appreciated arrsers!
  11. Easy, I may be able to help if you PM me with some details (may know my way around the world of the Movers a little...).
  12. No help at all but it helps if you have two, so you can send one off for visas while you travel on another

    not sure if this is feasable now a days

  13. can't you travel with the mangled document plus you're other forms of ID and if you do get pulled up get them to phone some bright spark at the passport agency and quote the number down the line for confirmation . Then again if its america you are off to they could ask a few questions, give you some coffee and in the morning you would wake up dressed in an orange boiler suit and living in a rabbit hutch .

    best of luck whatever happens.
  14. I don’t know it it’s true but I have heard one rumour that you can travel to a fellow NATO country on just your mod90. Don’t know anybody who has tried it though.
  15. I've gone to europe on mod90 and a driving licence