passport can we claim it back

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by stevieni22, Jun 8, 2007.

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  1. just had to renew my passport can we claim it back i got my passport free 10 yrs ago when i joined many thanks stevie.
  2. From my PSAO as I have asked this before for my lads.
    You can claim for initial issue not for a renewal Hope thats right unless anyone knows any other ways to claim it back
  3. Hmmm, I've managed to claim back for a renewal with no snags and it was for an Irish passport!
  4. who did u go through matelot ?
  5. The admin office of course!
  6. There must be a difference then between TA and Regulars, as I will get my passport paid for by the military when it is due renewal next year, they insist that I have one to deploy on operations, so they need to pay for it. I am quite happy not to have one (I'm not really but thats beside the point!) and only have one because the system insists on it (I don't but how are they to know that).
  7. yeah movements or rawo? ffs wouln't have thought ud go to the med centre!!
  8. I just hassled enough writers (clerks) until someone gave me a satisfactory answer...
  9. My wife holds an Irish passport - had to have it renewed this year - RAF would not pay for it as they said an id card and nato travel order can get you around. She was tho intially given her passport free of charge as she was running around the world saving lives with aero-med (work requirement) now she is in Europe (no work requirement)
  10. The RAF admin bunch are a bunch of jobsworth w4nkers so it doesn't surprise me really...
  11. :D :D :D
  12. I have just thought - where my wife is situated it is run by two Navy girls :)
  13. Most RN writers are clueless as well come to think of it.

    I went to the admin office a few years back to submit my 21 days notice (don't get me fcuking started on that one...) to back home to Southern Ireland on leave and the RN writer asked me....

    'Have you ever been to Ireland before?'

    I walked out of the office speechless whilst a few of the other writers giggled at the fcukwit's stupidity.
  14. My last 10 year passport ran out last year and when I got posted into new unit the clerks just got me to fill the form in and they did the rest. They even refunded the £3.50 for the photos got in back within two weeks . The main reason they pay for it is because were due to go Afghan next March again.

    They had paid for my wifes and kids passports 10 years ago but that is because we were abroad. They will only do this now if you get a posting abroad or need to return to UK with your family but Welfare office will give you details.

    edited to say my sons is in training but was made to pay for his during training out his own money with everyone else. Obviously savng the Army a fortune.
  15. i had to pay for my own when renewal time came as "i wasnt posted abroad and hadn't been warned off for a tour"