Passport At Phase 1

So I'm due at Pirtbright on the 15th of September. The only issue I'm still worried about is that I still havent got a passport. Due to problems with photos and shit I now have to wait another 6 weeks for it meaning I won't have it in time for the start of basic basic.

My question is, will I get a bullocking for not having it or will another form of ID do?
I know its been posted before but here goes anyway. Nothing to worry about, the army will arrange for your passport and I am also led to believe, will pay for it as well. Same as a driving licence.
Didnt sort my passport out till I got to my unit, a week before I was due to go on adventure training in Italy.


Whatever you do dont spend any money that you can get the Army to stump up!
Kinsella said:
Do I need a provisional license before I go to basic? Or will the army sort that out?
Not 100 percent sure on this but I think you need atleast one piece of photographic ID. (Provisional license for me). So just make sure you have something.

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