Passing the Buck

Why is it that politicians always try to pass the buck sharpish whenever something hits the papers in a negative way? The latest being the John 'without a shot being fired in anger' Reid and the fiasco at the Home Office with the crims convicted abroad slipping through the net, they deny knowing yet the police sent them a letter stating the problem, his two cronies McNulty and Joan Ryan deny it, yet she's the one that signed to say she'd seen it. Not only Reid, but think back to Blunkett, Prescott, Hoon etc all squirming when the shit hits the fan and blaming everyone else.
Have they no sense of honour, decency, morals? We all know the answer to that, wouldn't it be nice though if they held their hands up for once and say yes I fcuked up and fall on their sword but I doubt they ever will. I appreciate they work in big departments but they get paid to keep them in order, if you or I fcuked up to the extent these buffoons do I'd be out on my arse quick time.
They should take a leaf out of Commander Farringtons book when HMS Nottingham ran aground off the coast of Australia, straight away took it on the chin, said it wasn't a good day for him and took the rap, didn't try to pass it on the junior ratings or whoever was at the wheel at the time.
And to think we probably know people that voted these idiots in!
Quite simply despite what they say these guys probably more than any who have gone before them are so hung up on the trappings of power and the salary that goes with their ministerial position that they will do absolutely anything to retain them.

JD you are quite right in everything you say. The answers to your rhetorical questions are in your comments:

1. They pass the buck because they are Politicians. :tp:
2. No they have no sense of honour, decency and morals but they want the poor beggars who work for them to be oozing those same qualities.Oh and loyal to them to boot but not to expect reciprocation downwards. :clown:
3. There won't be any falling on swords this side of the Crack of Doom. :pig:
4. Commander Farrington was an Officer and a Gentleman ( I Hope!) who has a sense of honour, decency and morals.

I would like to think that the Politicos would be embarrassed. (Yeah right!)