Passing the Board at Westbury

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by 570mils, Nov 19, 2006.

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  1. Just a general question if someone has a sensible answer I would be grateful. However this is ARRSE so I may not hold my breath for long.

    Mrs 570 recently passed the TA AOSB at Westbury and when she returned to her unit was told on parade that she was incorrectly dressed, had her Cpl stripes removed and told she would no longer be part of the unit for training, have responsibility as a Cpl and she would have to remove her beret and replace it with a Sandhurst beret and badge. All a little humiliating in the way it was done but whats the score.

    Do you have your rank removed and if so what do you wear to replace it or do you just look like a private soldier again?

    Do you keep your own beret or do you wear an RMAS one?

    What would be expected of you during the period before going to RMAS as far as a role and responsibility?
    She is a little concerned as she was told by the OC that she would have little to do but wait around the offices and become a glorified Tea-girl.

    All a little concerning as my experience is as an ARAB and all that entailed nearly 20 years ago.

    Any help greatly appreciated.

  2. Well done to your to your other half.

    I read what happened as a compliment but then again I could see it as an insult. The RMAS beret is another 'One Army' concept thrown at the TA, it makes the soldier feel less part of the regt. Everyone will know how much effort she put in to gain those tapes, it is something she worked a lot for but when she's commissioned shes earned a bit more.
  3. the officer cadets at my old unit wore berets from the regiment Royal anglians and trained with the regiment.

    and the one im in do the same. in fact while one of them was in the early stages of applying he was given his local and was a lance jack

    and if you want im willing to get a commission now to find out for you.
  4. I'd move units immediately. They sound like a load of to55ers. I'm not even sure that this doesn't breach Values and Standards. CO's interview required or at least a quiet word with the Adjutant
  5. It all sounds a little suspect to me and I know the to$$er involved. Lets just say he makes the newly commisioned officers carry 'swagger sticks' when on drill nights.

    I thought they went out with the arc.

    Have advised she needs to speak to the Adj or even the EO people.

    PSAO isn't much use as he is a TA officer with limited experiece as there is no full time one. Just trying to figure out what is the case before getting her to jump in with both feet.

    Duty rumour is OC is serving still as they have no suitable replacement, no 2iC either and Ops Officer of unit hasn't been given the 2iC job although qualified as a Capt.

    They 'Lead by example' apparently............
  6. PM TheBlackShamrock for more detailed info. From what I know (and I don't really know that much):

    I think you retain your substansive rank until after main board, but the local rank is officer cadet (which is basically nothing, but sounds nice). Usually in unit people keep the rank slides on, but during officer training they must remove them (can't say for sure what happens in unit, as it's down to the OC).

    Yeah, new one. Blue, with the Sandhurst cap badge. Like Polar said, it's part of the 'one army' concept. They are trying to build a Sandhurst Collegiate spirit, a sense that even though cadets are part of individual training units, they are still part of Sandhurst.

    Pretty much swanning around like David Essex. First pick on training weekends, that sort of thing.

    From what I understand, unit support of cadets is a little hit and miss. Some don't want to know, and others will bend over backwards to help out. I'd probably go and find a unit that was more bendy, and less shit.