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I passed selection on Friday and im going for Infantry ( 2 R Anglian ). Iv'e got to ring up to book a date for my oath and to get a date for my intake wich im presuming is going to be january time. I passed selection as i said, 11:15 on the 1.5mile run, 9 heaves, completed jerry can and other upper body tests, 10/10 grenade test, didn't get my scores for team tasks and i got told i would be attending 2 weeks early to get my run time down and my fitness a little better. Just wanted to know, the people going 2 weeks earlier do they get issued kit a little earlier than the rest that come 2 weeks later? and is the medical done upon arriving 2 weeks earlier or do you do it 2 weeks after when the rest come? any Info would help guys, cheers.
Do have fun :lol: :lol: they will let you know who,what,where,when and why and remember if they don't hey ho :lol: :lol: :lol:

well done adamb i am also looking to join 2 r anglian as its a local regiment in a way as it recruits from leicester so i will hope to see you in there sometime next year :) any helpfull info you can give me on fitness you did beforehand would be great mate.
Thanks asherz. I didn't actually train much before hand and by god do i regret it lol. I did around 3-5 runs a week starting off at a mile and building it up to 2-3 in about 3 weeks. The 1.5 is one of the important things but the most important is the team tasks, the sargaent in charge of us said he doesnt care if you can run 1.5mile in 8minutes if you do rubbish on the team tasks you can come back again in 3 months. I take it your closest AFCO is Lichfield? If so its twice round a field outback but because it was waterlogged for us we did 5 laps of camp, 1 warmup then 4 for the run. I suggest you go running 3 days a week, do a 800m warmup then run 2miles. Do 30-40minutes of swimming twice a week, a fartlek session once a week and upper body every other night id say. I only did 9 heaves at ADSC but it was good enough, the 55kg lift is easy, the jerry can walk is easier than you think and the other 2 are just best effort. Try doing different varietys of upper body and just vary everything. How long you got until ADSC?
i still not heard back from my medical forms. but i doing gym every other day. bein held back from gym at mo tho bcoz i pulled both thigh muscles so when i stretch them they burn. at mo i can only run the 1.5 in 13 mins got a fitness plan sorted tho that incorperates some fart-lek. 2 miles should be acheivable if i run at a steady pace i think thats whats down on my fitness plan though. i love swimming heard its also very good for your stamina. with me my upper body is very strong from years of building site labouring its my run that lets me down. would be alot easier if i could shift some of my beer gut and love handles less weight = faster lol
alright lads, just wondered if you know how important the heaves are? Basically my run times around 9.10 - 9.20, upper body strength is ok (about 50 pressups in 2 mins, 60 situps / 2 mins), and ive been practicing on the jerry cans with no dramas, but im still sh*t at heaves!! so just wondered if i did badly on the heaves would that be a deferral or is it not that important as long as you do well on the other bits?
tbh mate on here you get conflicting answers. best answer would be ring your local office or do as i did and go in there and talk to then face to face as i had so many questions that needed answering.. and they are best to tell you than some people on here. as my recruitment sgt said ..." you listen to me you`ll get in" you listen to them you wont know what to beleive.
Suedehead just put 110% in on the pullups, pull till your arms are going to fall off. Team tasks and 1.5mile run are prob the most important.
Heaves are all about lifting your own bodyweight, so there really is no substitue. Just practice and more practice.
You do all realise you become fat and lazy (adamb = 11:15 on the 1.5mile run, not that bloody fat and lazy though.)when you get to bn.
I say dont do any pt, absoutly nothing.
Then when you get into depot just get a biffchit, serisouly it's the way forward.

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