Passing out - soldiers fainting at official ceremonies

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Fireplace, Mar 21, 2012.

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  1. Passing out: soldiers fainting during official ceremonies - Telegraph

    I witnessed this once at the Trooping of the Colour. I believe it was in 1964.

    I spotted a movement in the ranks nearby. One of the troops had tapped the hand of the man to his right with the muzzle of his rifle. No. 2 man got the message and held the rifle while No. 1 hit the deck . . . at attention. I always hoped his BAC returned 0%.

    Still, if landing at attention causes fractures or lost teeth, is that considered a self-inflicted wound?
  2. I fainted "at attention" at RM Poole once, straight down, front first. Arms by my side, swede made full on hit with the tarmac, nose spurted blood everywhere.

    We'd had an extremely hard night on the cocktails the night before with some visiting American friends.

    CSM was awestruck, chuffed to fuck that someone had fainted on his parade and done it properly. I woke up in an ambulance on my way to hospital. Being in rig, surrounded with nurses and still half cut, by fuck I was in Heaven. :)

    CSM never took the matter any further, thought it was funny as fuck.
  3. Well, I dropped during the graduations ceremony of our recruits (I was instructor at a basic training company at the time).
    Good thing was that the graduation was on a football field...gave me a soft landing :)

    I was the only officer candidate(Fahnenjunker) amongst the companies NCO corps, so the amount a mockery I received afterwards was quiete significant.
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  4. Kate? That's the Duchess of Cambridge to you.
  5. Aunty Katie to me ;)
  6. Slunt to me.
  7. I posted the video (Sky recorded it) but posted it in current affairs and it was Arrseholed by a jobsworth Mod.
    It is particularly hilarious because the Guardsman faints to the side (no doubt to prevent ruining his nice tunic) and upon landing softly on his back, lifts his arms to adjust his headdress. Priceless.

    To add to the fun, another Gurardsman is being helped away in the background.

    In my day etc....
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  8. Also known as The Stalker.
  9. The reptilian little cunt did it on purpose. Why else would he have fixed his skin after supposedly fainting. He'd been gobbing off in the ranks minutes before, telling people to keep still and to stand up like a man.

    Which is why he is very much top of the badges shit list. Fucking lizard.
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  10. Amazing recovery too!

  11. Know a chap from the AAC who, because of his lankyness was nicknamed after the tall yellow feathered creature on Sesame Street (hopefully this will prevent his being IDd by smurfs) who fell at attention during a passout parade practice.
  12. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge to you lot.