Passing Out Parade

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by tucker203, Feb 26, 2009.

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  1. My mother being a complete nonce has booked a holiday during the last few weeks of my phase 1. My question, is the passing out parade usually the very last day of phase 1?
    If I can find out then she can re-arrange around it.
  2. Yes.

    But - hang on - your mom's a nonce? Far out... 8)

  3. Are you American?
  4. Cheers.
  5. Haha dunno, but Para Regt first pass out parade is end of week 6 or something. Dunno if its the same for all the other regiments
  6. hmm, cluedo?

    That is passing off the square, not passing out. It's a drill test you pleb.
  7. Well you new what i meant didnt you? no need to call people plebs you little arse bandit, go and suck on your mams titties or summik

    So correction " Passing off the square in week 6", im not sure if other regiments do this? Not sure if families attend or not

  8. Poke off civvy. You've got more chance of passing out, pissing blood and laying unconscious than passing off the square.
  9. Your talking about bollox you know fcuk all about, no families can't attend, and no, its not a passing out parade, so dont give the lad who posted this topic the wrong idea, or he'll be getting his old deer to change the date of their holiday to coincide with his sixth week, which wouldn't be good at all would it?

    Sit back, relax, and shut the fcuk up.
  10. You no fuck all about me you little arse, trying to be cocky on the internet. And we'll find out if i " pass off the square " in a few months as im going to depot. I'll come back and send you a messege then tit head
  11. Don't bother sending me a message on here. Save time and just mention it to your RSM on the day. :roll:
  12. Nice one, well if your claiming your RSM of depot. I wont need to tell you, because you would no if you there.

  13. I can see letters on the screen but they make no sense whatsoever.

    Any chance of drawing what you mean on an Etch-A-Sketch?
  14. aaagggh said the lion
  15. Wanna bet :D

    Lesson one, day one, week one.

    Gob shut, eyes and ears open....... and don't try to get one over on people who can ID you in an instant and rain down an entire planets worth of hurt.