Passing out parade at Catterick?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by sparks91, Jun 28, 2012.

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  1. Hi,
    Apologies if this is a re-post but I cannot find a definitive answer.
    I'm joining the T.A., I have my selection this weekend and am doing the Midlands Challenge this August. I was wondering if there is a passing out parade at the end of the 2 week CIC at Catterick? If so is it the kind of thing parents and girlfriends go to? My parents want to travel from abroad but only if there is actually going to be a ceremony.

  2. You folks can save the cash and watch this instead

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  3. A "ceremony" for passing a 2 week attendance course.

    Semi-sensible answer: No. Well, not the sort of thing you'd invite relatives to.

    Non-sensible answer: Get real and grow up. It's questions like this that make people laugh at the TA harder.
  4. P.A. utter tosh and disregard for us in the TA!

    You will notice they all (at the end) have the same uniform AND manage to be in step all the way through!
    It is these comparisons to Dads Army that don't do us any favours at all!
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  5. However, on a serious note. In the 'pull up a sandbag' mists of time from when I did my two weeks with passing out parade, we were entitled to ask relatives to attend.
    I don't recall any one doing so, even the sad ****** who only joined the TA just so could get married in a set of No 1s.
  6. Quite possibly, untill you followed it up with........

    That shows how easy the TA basic is. Some sad ****'s only motivation to pass is for a wedding photo.
  7. There's no need to be so rude about HPF. Besides, he's ACF :wink:

    Anyway, with serious head on when I was in there wereformal parades at the end of Soldiers' Recruit Courses & both family & Regimental Officers were invited. One of my COs made a point of going.
  8. I apologise, you may have missed the sarcasm that was meant to indicate that the fine military unit of the home guard were the ones in step and correctly dressed.

    Again good point well presented, however, even we can hold 'our brethren' with total disregard. He was also an Ex RM bandsman IIRC. I never understood why he didn't semi-walt it up in that for the day?
  9. My 'passing out parade' involved us forming up on the last morning outside the block with the platoon sergeant coming out and saying 'Most of you have passed, now **** off behind that shed and wait to be picked up'. I doubt much has changed. Hope that helped.