passing out gifts???

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by coolmum, Mar 16, 2008.

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  1. hi all,
    my son is due to complete training at catterick for the rifles soon. i need ideas for a great gift for him, that not only shows how proud i am of him, but also will come in useful for his future...........
    any ideas greatly welcomed thanks
  2. When you go to his parade, give a big kiss in front of his mates and then wipe the lipstick away with a licked tissue; he may not say it, but he'll really appreciate you for it. It's the little things that matter.
  3. Leatherman Wave
  4. PMSL :lol: :lol:

    And also make a point of telling his squad leader all about how he was such a girlie child and liked to play house as a young lad, they will love that.

    Or being sensible, a decent watch/tankard, engraved with the date etc to remember the day.
  5. FULL hip flask
    Decent watch i.e Traser/Nite (would recommend NITE watch)
  6. It doesn't have to be useful.

    How about a Rifles capbadge, lovingly embroidered and framed?

    Hip flask is good (must be full of a spirit (rum, brandy or whiskey)) or under Queens Regs your son must refuse it and inform the RSM that the presenter of said gift is to be ragged around the square for half an hour.

    Get a good, solid metal one, no cups or bits that might break. He'll love you for it when he needs a nip.

    Mine is dented and scratched to buggery now, but I take it everywhere. I even had it on me when I got married (much to the bridesmaids mirth). I sometimes put lucazade sport in it, and drink that on the ranges!! :p

    In these modern enlightened times where hip flasks might not be as tolerated, how about a good quality metal flask?

    Again, shop about to find a good, sturdy flask, with no civvie extras like carryings straps and extra cups. The push button type are awesome as they keep warm longer. And you know he'll love you for it he is on stag at 2 in the morning, at -20!!!!!

    To be honest though I would shy away from military kit. One he will buy what he needs (or ask you for it as a birthday/christmas present :p ) and there is the risk he will lose a torch or similar. (same with the flask to be honest).

    The first idea, also sort of gives him the feeling that you are buying in to his new extended family. And that you support him.

    How about a set of Rifles cuff links? or silk tie? If you think he will make a real career out of it, a pocket watch, Rifles capbadge engraved, and the date he passed out. Leave space for other auspicious dates (LCpl, Cpl and Sjt). He could wear his pocket watch when he gets to wear mess dress, a bit of a driver everytime he looks at it.
  7. A pink baby G watch.
  8. An hour with some trollop with enourmous tits and the IQ of a lemon. Might have to do it 'in cognito' though. Life is made up of little mammaries like this :oops:
  9. Sincerely, what a good idea.
  10. Afternoon Coolmum,

    Get him a camera and take some photos of the day with it while you are there and get yourself a decent photgraph album and make him send back some decent photos back once he's away on tour.

    Me old dear's so proud of the photos I sent home. 8O
  11. You would have to get a designated 'bum and willy' photo book though!!
  12. Hi Coolmum,
    How laughing please...

    A savings plan
    Throw 200 quid into it to start it off and arrange a hundred every month, from his salary, to go into it.

    As a passing out gift he should keep it up and I'm sure he will thank you one day. He won't set one up on his own, believe me.

    If he does 3 years or 23, he will have a nice little nest egg.
    Good luck!
  13. love all the ideas guys, (even the odd ones ) thanks
    liking the framed cap badge or engraved pocket watch ideas, gonna look more into that, nice touch with a photo album..........durrr didnt think of
    im his mummy im not going to pay for a trollop, tits or no tits..........
    thanks again, all replys greatly welcomed............ im very proud of my little boy!!!!
  14. ahhh.............savings plan, good idea also!!!!!!!!!!! thanks
  15. Make sure you video the passing out parade.. and then show it to everyone regardless of who they are when they enter the house...

    or was that just my mom...?

    But seriously do video it... it will be a great reminder in 15 years time when he watches it again and wonders where that slim, athletic lad went .....