passing out after phase 1

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Chris_2oo6, Oct 14, 2006.

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  1. just a quick Q, will i be passing out after 12 weeks or 24 whilst at catterick???

    can't find any info anywhere...i know most pass after phase 1, but wondering if its different because it's just the one 24 week course.


  2. Hmm I don't actually know.

    From what I can gather.....

    Phase one:

    14 weeks.

    phase two & phase three:

    Trade pending (infantry is also a trade so will include extra training)

    so I would guess after 14 weeks? :?
  3. yeah what i was wondering though, was if they split it into 2, because its just the 1 CIC innit?

    oh well i do my allegiance on thurs, hopefully i should be able to find out in my joinin instructions.

  4. HEHE

    don't expect your joining instructions on thursday :).

    Have you been given example joining instructions?

    I took my allegiance last thursday, was quite a do as there was 17 of us we did it in the mayor's office and had our photo taken :).

    I think you will fnd the answer to all your questions when you atually start phase one.
  5. Have you been given example joining instructions?

    i havent mate no?...where are you off for basic?
  6. lichfield ;)

    If you PM me your details I will send you the example joining instructions I have, They are for lichfield but they are better than nothing :).
  7. quality

    email them me if you can please mate

    i'll pm u my email addy
  8. 2 main parades u do at catterick...week 6...pass off -to get ur beret...then week 24 to pass out.
    in between u go on parade with all other platoons about 3 times infront of adjudant
  9. exactly what i was looking for

    cheers mate ;)