Passing in!

Passing in at Harrogate on Friday can't wait! Been here for nearly 6 weeks now and it has went by really quick. Can't wait to get my Para Beret in the next couple of days hopefully. Anyone wanting to come here should do it as it is enjoyable but difficult at times (aswell as boring). I've never done as much ironing in my life :D . Will post again when I'm on leave in a few days time.

What's it like going for Para's through Harrogate? May take it myself.
What time did you have to get to get into Harrogae for the Para's?

What work you do?

Info!! :D
Alex Clark just got home from passing in and so far it's been the same for everybody. But I'll be expected to be fitter than the other regiments. When I went to the ADSC i got 9.40 which was crappy but i just did it again and got 9.19 so I was happy :D
The whole of the 42 weeks at Harrogate should be the same on fitness for everyone as you have found out so far, however you will be expected to be nearer the top of the bunch if going PARA ready for next September when you carry on at ITC Catterick for you Infantry/PARA courses.

Have a well deserved break and things will get easier as you get further down to passing out, knuckle straight back down after your leave. I was at my lads passing out parade in September and the majority of lads I spoke to said they did think about quitting at least once but chuffed to bits they stuck with it.

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