Passing/failing army fitness tests

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by tooslow, May 14, 2005.

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  1. Hi lads well heres the story im 19 5 9'' and 11 and a half stone im in okay shape but ive never been good at running and rumour has it that i need to run under 14 minutes to get into the army for HR/ADMIN AND FINANCE I have my run in 3 weeks time and there's no way im going to be able to do it, my time was up at 18 mins but ive got it down to 15 mins is there any hope for me? i would run till i throw and show maximum effort but obviously there are standards, have you know anyone to ever fail the run and still graduate?

  2. 3 weeks is enough to cut another couple of minutes off your time.
    keep working out...keep running and your time will improve.

    Don't know your technique...but you might try these:

    Don't run the day

    Don't drink/smoke/stroke B-4-2...K?

    Try a juice breakfast or one of those power-drinks the morning of your run.

    B-sure you stretch good in ur pre-run warm-up.

    (run early if possible).

    Then...when being timed... 'run like hell' ...imagine a lion's on ur arrse...and the last train is leaving the station and you just have to catch it.

    Get cheerleaders near the finish to egg you on.

    A good 'sprint' to the end will help cut off that 'extra minute'.


    best luck
  3. you have your run in 3 weeks time? Surley you must have known you would have to do this well before now? If you fail the run you fail RSC. Train day on day off for the next 3 weeks and you might just scrape it.

    Also, say that your not going to do it and you won't! Think positive man!

    I may be pre judging you here but at 19 y.o. you really don't have any excuse for not being able to run 1.5 miles in the time required ( A Serving friend of mine informs me that the standards are thus - female: 13 minutes max and male: 10 minutes 30 seconds max)

    I go to to RSC in 3 months and at 31 I run 1.5 miles in 8 minutes 15 (Im not a runner either). Not bragging but demonstrating what a postitive attitude can do. Think you will do it and you will!

    As the PTIs say "work hard!"

    Good luck all the same

  4. find the biggest hill you can find and run up it as many times as you can reapeat this every two days or so and your fitness will improve fast ive done it i know it works i cut my time down from 15 min to just under twelve in three weeks but a word of warning you really have to warm up first then give it 1000% while doing it it ******* hurts but worth it good luck
  5. Make sure your wearing good shoes. If you increase your excercise regieme too quickly you risk getting shin splints...which i so happen to have right now. Good luck.
  6. Sprint training, works every time. Get a set distance, round a field, or a rugby pitch or something, and spring around it as hard as you can, when you get to the end rest for 10 - 30 seconds and then do it again, and keep going till you die. Do this every other day. On the alternate days go for long and constant runs, about 6m or so. And have a recovery day, thus 6 days a week training, 1 day off! It works! Don't train the day before and have a positive attitude and you will do it. As soon as you say "I can't" you won't.

    I have done this from both sides, needing to get my time down, and training others for stamina and speed as a rugby Coach, and have one of the fastest fittest teams in the league we are in (Pity about their ball skills but you can't have everything!!)
  7. Tooslow - I'm fed up of replying to this post - it's been up three times over the past couple of weeks and you still have three weeks to go?

    You have had some good advice - if you can't pull your finger out and work at it that's up to you.

    There have been some encourageing replies and some criticism. On the whole most were prepared to offer a little support and advice but the time has come for you to get out running. You won't pass the fitness test by sitting on your backside posting on arrse.

    the only person who can make you do this is you.
  8. You won't pass the fitness test by sitting on your backside posting on arrse.

    I am going to have to go and agree with Lairdx, you are waisting time; only you are able to pass this test words of advice can only get you so far.
    With all this paronia seems as though maybe you do not really want to choose this carrier path.

    Cheers 2CB
  9. I find putting on insulated waterproofs (the really thick one's you wear in the alps)
    a heavy coat and heavy boots , then run through calf/thigh length grass 3x a week (as long and as hard as you can, Think best effort) .
    When you do your road run then it feels like nothing. And you can knock minutes off in a week
    Remember, what you put in is what you get out, Push yourself

    Edited:- Only just looked how old this thread is
  10. If he hasnt passed it in the last 5 years, the chances are he never will.
  11. I know I only just noticed how old the thread was.
  12. He's probably a SNCO by now!
  13. That is probably the most bizarre piece of advice I've ever seen. Congratulations!

    Is this something that you do regularly? Must be a bummer if your Dad has cut the grass eh?
  14. Maybe, but it really works, if you ain't tried it don't knock it.

    And if my dad got round to mowing the lawn i'd just use the neighbours

    Oh, and thanks by the way your congratulations are really appreciated :)