Passing basic training without passing the minimum fitness

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by speckygeek, Sep 21, 2005.

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  1. How can someone go through basic training and trade training, make it to a working unit and not once reach the minimum fitness standards.
  2. Cheat, lie and bride!

  3. I'm not asking how it can be done, more of it has already been done.
  4. Is this a joke, coz you missed out the punch line!!!!!!!!

    Would you care to elaborate?
  5. Rant begins!

    I agree with Flasher there.... Are you seriously saying that this is happening?

    Are we really desperate to recruit that many people, we are letting them pass off without even being able to pass a BPFA/CFT?

    Fcuking shocking!! Anyone else agree?

    Rant ends!

  6. The technique which was commonly used when I was at the recruit training establishments was a really simple one....

    The useless women that were no good to man nor beast would supply the instructor with bounteous amounts of shagging and gobbling in the field/drill shed or any other secluded (but not always) area of the camp.

    The unfit men.... well....... I suppose that would depend on the instructor.??

    Standing by for the flak
  7. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    Used to be standard practice for QAs in the 80s. If one passed they all passed in their view.
  8. Fair one. Ha ha
  9. was informed yesterday by someone that has come from an ATR the have cut the BPFA because to many were failing it and they can be thrown out if the do not meet requirements once they reach a working unit

    however in most cases the fact that an individual hasn't yet passed throughout their training (although full BPFA's are carried out at blandford there's no ssm's interview if you fail), is lost in the shuffle.
  10. I've heard that they only have to attempt the BPFA and it is up to working units to train them to pass the BCFT.

    Is this true?
  11. oh I fecking wish I was
  12. it's a good job the modern day enemy dont do front lines hey
  13. I left in 99 and it was happening way before I left. There was a massive downward trend in fitness, funningly enough it co-incided with the inclusion of women in the "mens" army.

    This isn't a knock at women themselves, its not their fault that many saw a lower physical ability means you can bend the rules. There seemed to be an opinon that "aw bless she tried her best" approach and let the regt sort the mess out, this of course quickly permintated across to the men. I remember one sorry sole we kicked out on medical grounds becuase he was ridicously thin, so thin in fact when we went to NI they couldn't find a NIBA vest that would fit him tightly.

    It wasn't just fitness that this sort of thing happened, i remember taking a girl for her APWT and she failed horrendsly, when I told her that she had to do it again she was shocked as she had NEVER passed one but the SAA instructors had always let her off, she was most pi55ed off when I didn't fall for her fluttering eye lashes and I made her do it 4 times. At the end she went off moaning to her boyfriend thinking he would put me straight, thing is he was an over the hill full screw storeman, who may have been a lot older than me, was junior due to time in rank and got a swift fecking off.

    So whos to blame ? The recruit ? the lenient/weak instructor ? Or brass up high needing bodies ?
  14. All phase 2's must at least attempt the BCFT before they leave blandford 99% of em p*ss it, often putting any nco's on it to shame, occasionally there is the odd skinny little bleeder who dies at the 5 mile point, the infamous(why?) "CFT hill". those that do fail are often sent out to thier working units without retaking it.
  15. Maybe they should do the same as the TA and not let anyone onto their recruits course (they get RTU'd) if they can't pass their CFT?