passing an age limit during application process

I get the impression that an application to join the reserves might take a while to be completed. If your application takes long enough to process that you pass the age limit for your chosen role would it be rejected, or is age counted from the date of your application?
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You must apply before your 50th birthday and be attested by your 51st. Then you go on to do your training etc. It should all be on the website. How old are you and what are you hoping to do?
Thanks for the quick replies, i am nothing if not optimistic

im 34 turning 35 at the end of May, Im interested in joining the infantry reserves and have a particular interest in 4 para, but time seems to be against me.

About a year ago i broke my arm badly in a motorbike accident and am only now recovered enough to contemplate the kind of training involved, if my surgery and new metalwork last year doesnt make my application a total non starter it seems it will likley delay it until im 35 and over the age limit. Also to be frank i could use as much time as possible to build up my fitness and not push my arm to soon.

If i were to apply before turning 35 will i be considered 34 on my application and so fine from an age point of view, or will being 35 at the start of my training cause me issues?
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I would guess your arm break will cause you problems and might delay the joining process. It shouldn't stop you though as long as it's over a year ago.
Thanks, i will be contacting them.

I appreciate these rules aren't set in stone and can bend a little, i was just curious if rule bending was even necessary in a case like mine
I thought i should come back and add to this in case someone finds the thread in a search

It seems 4 para age limit is now 40 not 34 as older sources suggest. Something that i would have known if i had the sense to read through the 4 para sticky on this forum properly

This is from the 4para recruitment sticky:

You are not at the maximum age, it is now 40 however be clear about the undertaking - P Coy is an arduous course.
Reading through the whole thread the question comes up a few times in there, seems 40 is the cut off but your local unit should be contacted for confirmation
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