Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by spiny08, Dec 12, 2007.

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  1. Hi got back from selection last night an passed. It was the best 2 days of my life i really enjoyed it. Run time 9:54 and good marks on everything else. The food was good aswell and the accomadation was good too. The lads were great we all had a good laugh. It also shows aswell how after only two days you really bond with each other and come together, because on the coach on the way there it was silent but then on the coach on the way back it was really loud and we were all having a great laugh. I start training in bassingbourn on the 13th january cant wait :D :) i would also like to thank you all for the advice you gave me because it really helped and i new exactly what to expect good luck in the future everyone.
  2. well done to you, now keep your head down and ears open and enjoy
  3. all the best mate you will find it hard as well as enjoyable you will make the best friends in the world remember to keep your head down and work hard
  4. LIAR

    Either that or you are joining some other army because the two highlighted points definately don't remind me of the British army.
  5. Well done fella. Keep all that enthusiasm going and enjoy every day, even the bad ones.
  6. well maybe the food and accomadation is not good everywhere but it was good at ADSC glencourse!
  7. Congrate mate. Erm i have to say Pirbright was pretty good food the accommodation was little hot but was ok.
  8. well done lad! :)
  9. Congratulations mate good luck to you!!!!!
  10. Congratulations Spiny! The food at Lichfield was good too, only problem was that we had about 2 minutes to scoff it all down if your at the back of the que!
  11. have to agree the pirbright scoff was pretty good anyway work hard over xmas abd good look to yourself
  12. Good on ya fella the road is long and winding but well worth the trip!!
  13. Yeah I agree!
  14. I thought it was Glencorse, or at least it was in 1997 when I was there as an Instrutor at what was ATR Glencorse!!

  15. I don't want to p1ss on anyones bonfire or anything but I was under the impression that anyone who can read and write with minimal fitness and with 'normal' health can join up, unless 'selection' has changed from 20-30 years ago?

    Let us know when your a soldier, when you pass phase one.

    Edited to add; I'm in the wrong here guys, this is the training wing and you have a right to be excited. sorry.