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Passed , What next.....

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by corbuk, Aug 20, 2008.

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  1. Passed ADSC pirbright 11th August ( was hard but good , realy want to be a part of it , so amazing )

    I'm just wondering , What I've got left to do , after 3 days of passing ADSC I phoned the afco up and booked an apointment to find/do next stage there and they said it was a mistake on there side ...and that I have to wait for a phone call from them.

    I'm just wondering the next stages , and how long they will take , Ive been told once I've got a green tick I'll go to Winchester in November ( Cant wait )

    Also is this "ok" for basic

    3 miles in 24 mins and in 23 mins ( only done it twice at the moment )
    1.5 miles 10:30 - done at ADSC

    Ino it won't be easy at all , but am I at a reasonable fittnsss level , for it to be easier/better/more chance of passing .
  2. Since you passed adsc you've shown that the required fitness you need for basic is there, so dont worry about that, but keep training anyway.

    They must be arranging your intake date after all the ATR's got changed around so don't panic about it, guess you might wait a couple of weeks at the most to hear from your afco. Might wanna check the stickies?
  3. Thanks , I will be keeping the fitness up ,

    Ps. Does it take long to do every thing ,from passing adsc to ready for basic worried I won't make November ....ino I probably will , But still when you want something so badly , you start to make things up in your mind about something giong wrong ;/
  4. Passed. What next? Well, how about wipin' yer arrse? :D :D :D

    But seriously, well done, mate. It sounds like you're well on your way now.

  5. Better i don't tell you how long ive been waiting then :wink:

    I could have built an ark!
  6. Your at the same stage as me. I passed adsc about one month ago and now i am just waiting to hear from the careers office in regards to my oath. It can take a while from what i have heard! All the SGT will say is its a case of how long is a piece of string which is a little annoying as i seemed to have got up to here really quickly and would like to start next year in green. But who knows.
  7. Guys... we are busy. Those who left school in June and July and who thought ahead are currently filling the training pipeline, which is of a finite size.

    You are currently at the back of a long queue and will be called forward when there is a vacancy.

    Well done on passing ADSC. Keep the training going and start thinking about packing your bag so that you are ready when the call is made.

  8. Start doing some longer runs, take it slower at first. Do 5 miles in an hour, then try to bring it down to 40 mins.
  9. just had a phone call , I'll be been booked for the 1/1/09 for basic. Still got to do the stuff inbetween to do
  11. Also , is it me or when I start doing longer runs , my 1.5 mile time get a little worse ?

    But u surpose its better to be good at 3 miles + in a good time , rather then 1.5 miles ....and be stuffed at basic on the longer runs.
  12. At 10:30 mile and a half it can only improve mate :wink:
  13. There must be something up with you. Maybe your not putting the effort in on the 1.5mile, cause I try and run at least 3 miles a day and my 1.5 time has shot down.
  14. I will do another 1.5 mile run sat, and see what I get.

    We all have bad days , I'll just put it down to that.