Passed the Medical


Hey guys, I know some of you have taken time to answer some of my questions so an update, Passed the medical with flying colours all perfect weight fine etc. Now 16.5 stone and falling running every other day swimming everday so getting fitter, now just gotta wait till 3rd march for RSW and that's gonna be easy now... thanks for all the help and advice

As for the medical it was height, weight, eye sight, colour blindness then blow in tube, blood pressure, urine, Doc had a feel of body all over, cough test, knee bends and that was it really and the hearing test. so for a couple of the other guys I've seen post on here don't worry it's not that bad
Congrats Crosbunny. Good luck with the rest of selection and the future.


Congratulations XBunny. Keep going and all the best for the rest.

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