passed selection yesterday at pirbright.

ill break down some of the reasons for people being deffered so people going dont make the same mistakes.

a few were deffered for heart murmours (obviously this cant be helped)

one bloke deffered because he had his manhood pierced

another failed the pee test

this one, which i think is slighty harsh is, one bloke said to a corpral on the 1st night that he wanted to go home, they persuaded him to stick at it but got deffered in the interview because his attitude wasnt right.

whatever you do dont drop the jerry cans! theres chalk in the PSSR room put it on your hands so they dont slip!

one final thing TEAM TASKS!

this is a must pass, my group failed all team tasks and on the last one were threatend to all be deffered if we fail. make sure you kick the mongs up the arrse, make them work, and make sure your not the mong!

if anyone has any questions pm me
I've got a question! Im not that high on confidence, I was just wondering what the team tasks actually are? We don't have to do pantomime or anything do we?
no its things like getting your team to the other side of the mine field. just make sure you chip in and make yourself heard.

a scottish guy got deffered because they thought he showed a lack of confidence in himself.

as soon as you get to adsc you instantly bond with the other lads so your confidence shouldnt be a problem
Alright cheers matey, so best to just sound off then! Maybe I should have a pint before I go lol
id reccomend the brookwood pub opposite the station, we all went in there and got hammered afterwards
Well done on passing recruit selection by the way mate. Told you you didnt have to worry too much about it all :)

Was it as you expected it to be?
That is great news! Well done you. :D God I have nightmares re the jerry can walk lol! We got given a selection dvd from our careers office. This showed the jerry can walk. So I went out & brought 2 jerry cans, filled them with 20 litres of water in each & for 6 months my son practised up & down our garden. We have a huge garden! He did this 10 times every other day & wow, did this help him. Ok I was slightly obsesed that he may not do it lol but it worked. He said the 2 other guys were getting slower & slower & my son was egging them on so they didnt drop them. He thought oh team work but he got told not to try & help them as it was your best effort. My son did have a few 'slow' guys in his team but you just help them out but you make sure they have to do their bit. My son was a nervous wreck worrying about the ice breaker bit but he said this was ok. God knows what he said but they were all laughing!!! :? My advise is, go there with a good attitude, they are not looking for someone with a 'big I am' attitude but somone who is not afraid to speak out. You dont need to take any money, maybe £10 if you want some sweets & coke etc but my son didnt have time to go to the naffi, so I wouldnt worry ok. Just wear a suit for the last interview. My advise is to invest in a good suit. You will use it once you get on for the trip to normandy etc. I found that Burtons have some nice suits for about £80.00. Next do pack of 2 ties for £12 & river Island have nice belts for about £12. Tesco's also do the above for alot cheaper. The reason I know all this is I had to pay for the above lol! Oh & shoes. I have been given the kit list & it has cost us a small fortune! (my son paid half) Try & find the cheapest shops.

Strong wooden coathangers... tescos £10 for 10 or Robert dyas £1.99 for 4 (you need 6-10

Plastic sandwich sealing bags, Tescos.

Writing pad, marker pens, pens, rulers etc & big chunky padlocks( £1.99 X 2) Wilkinsons

Small sturdy torch.. Wilkingsons

Track suit bottoms.. Sportsworld or Matalan are cheap but nike etc (£15)

Argos do a huge holdall on wheels for £20. (Really good & fits all your kit list in)

Goggles..Cheap from any sports shop.

Cheap alarm clock & water proof watch from argos but I bet you could find cheaper. (Got sons in the sale)

There is tons on the kit list so if you need any more info just ask ok & there is tons more for the above but I cant think right now lol.

I know all this is practical stuff but its stuff no one tells you. If you need to know anything else, just ask. Congratulations again. Keep up the fittness. :D I bet everyone is really proud of you! :D
i'm walking like john wayne after the granade test my knees are cut to fcuk! you were right tigz it was good

the medical is the hardest bit we were waiting about 3 hours
private---pile said:
i'm walking like john wayne after the granade test my knees are cut to fcuk! you were right tigz it was good

the medical is the hardest bit we were waiting about 3 hours
Yeah, at Pirbright the grenade test is a test of not only the grenade throwing - but seeing if you can put up with your knees being buggered to fcuk.

Passed my ADSC March 18th, Going through kit list slowly.
Need to set aside a space with holdall and tick things off tbh - but "I'll do it in the moorrnniiinnnggg" :D

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