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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Falortah, Mar 21, 2010.

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  1. Hey, I recently guy joined this forums because I got told this is the place to ask questions military related. . so here I go.

    I passed selection in January for Infantry, I was differed at first but the ADSC made a mistake on my run time and I got 10 minutes 38 seconds instead of 12 minutes 48 on the multi stage fitness test and then on the train journey home I got told by my recruiter that I didn't need to go back down and I passed with a C Grade.

    I was wandering if anyone else who has passed ADSC with a C Grade or someone who knows anything could tell me if they know when the Army takes in C Grades?

    Any information would be very much appreciated, thanks :D
  2. They firstly give places to all the A candidates, then move onto the B grades to fill up the spaces to start basic. :D

    Only if there is not enough A and B recruits will they offer a C candidate the place.
  3. You could be waiting a long time mate.Spoke to my recruiter friday and they said it is mostly grade A's who will be loaded onto phase 1 this year and maybe some B's.What you have to look at is people are going to adsc all the time and if somebody gets an A or B grade they will be loaded before you even if you have been waiting 12 months.I would guesstimate some time next year mate when the economic climate picks up a little and not everybody is rushing to join the forces. :cry:
  4. How things have changed since I did my selection! Passed it in July and started training 3 months later. None of this A/B/C grade stuff.
  5. Oh, that really is a bit of a downfall, I wish I could redo my selection all over again and achieve a higher grade. If only this recession hadn't forced a lot of people to join the army just to get a job, I think me and you both may have been in by now.

    I guess all I can do is keep up my training and hope to god that I get offered a placement some time this year :p

    Thanks for the info guys.

    *Edit* I got told about that, about how it was passed selection and no grading, a few of the Recruiters in my home town are quite angry with the fact that this new system has came in, they all think its non-sense.
  6. Ask you recruiter if you can redo selection to get a higher grade, he might give you another chance if they have spare place going. It's worth a try.
  7. I already tried that, he said that he tried before I even asked him and said it was a no go :( If I had gotten another chance at ADSC I would easily do it, I loved the team tasks, they were the best.
  8. im in same boat, passed in feb and was a just a point off a B grade so got very high C grade, my recruiter trying to get me in for august im goin in royal signals, ive known people who had C grades and got in under a year,
  9. My mate re-sat his barb test because it just went out of date when he went to resign up and I seen on the papers that next in-take dates for the RROS (Royal Regiment of Scotland) was in August but I wasn't too sure if that would be for C Grades as well.

  10. There is nothing that you can do then but wait, the only other option to get in quicker is to change your job choice to something that is in demand. Though you maybe wouldn't be as happy as you would be if you stuck to infantary.
  11. I didnt know they had any Recruiters in Narnia :?
  12. @ Combat_Baby I think I will just stick with Infantry, its what I have wanted to for a long time.

    Yea, it's got a nice recruitment office just off of the wardrobe, Mr.Thomas the Goat is the Sgt.Major, he's got the run of the place :p
  13. That is until Warrent Officer 1 Aslan appears and starts ordering the sgt major around of course! :twisted:
  14. Haha, oh yes, he's a nice guy really just takes a bit of getting used to, plus he casts everywhere so he's not really into going into the field that much! :p