passed selection yipee!!!!

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by ben1985, Oct 11, 2007.

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  1. Hello

    As some of you may or may not know, i went for selection on 9th/10th october to ADSC Lichfield.

    Passed with a grade A!!

    8.32 1.5 mile run time, 7 heaves, full 2X20kg jerry can distance, full weight on dynamic lift, good>very good on icebreaker, 21/30 on TST test, full marks on grenade test and 1st in the run aswell ;)

    i found the strict discipline a bit of a shock at first as did all the other lads but i got more used to it as time went on, i went with a good set of lads and thankfully as much as i was worrying about the medical with all these rumours of heart murmur defferals i passed my medical with no issues at all except a letter to get my GP to describe i need some wax softener in m left ear!,, but that was it.

    Overall a very steep learning curve and very strict discipline but i did enjoy it, getting back yesterday at home felt weird, even after just 36 hours there.

    I got my first job choice, technical supply specialist in the Royal Signals, so im guessin i will start January-ISH as i heard there is about a 2-2 1/2 month waiting time and then you dont start mid decemeber because i heard there is a 2 week leave period, so im guessing sometime in January.

    I will keep my running up and try longer distances, firstly 1.5 mile again then 2, 2.5, 3.0 3.5 and 4 mile jogs, and try and work on my weakest event which is press- up's.

    Anyone have any questions about selection/Lichfield please ask as im sure i will have the answer.

    Also i think one of the coporals/sargeants said Lichfield is closing in january so if i get a later start date then january (i got to lichfield ATR for CMS), then i will probably start CMS at Bassinbourn, we shall see!!

    so ive trained on the run for months, and it's paid off, keep training hard of all you who have yet to get to selection and when you do lose your attitude, and do what the fu** they say when the fu** they say it (as the coporals put it;).

    Well done me again,

    Pat on back

  2. Make that another BIG pat on the back!! Well done indeed!!! Pleased for you!
  3. Well done ben, what took you so long on your run thou? :D Narr kidding mate, well done
  4. congratulations mate is the run route at lichfield difficult or easy
  5. erm, the route isn't really that hard, it's twice round a set course with a bit of an incline in one area.

    But remember, you will be knackered from the days PT before, and you also do a whole warm up lap once round the track, half walking, and half jogging!!, so in effect you really need to train for 2 miles, that way you should find it easier fella.

    but yer, in a nutshell, if you was fresh, and lots of energy, not hard at all but after all the energy you've used and the state you will be in, it does make it harder ;)

  6. Well done Ben - my daughter's just passed out of Phase One and I can tell you there is no prouder moment at that stage in life. If you're as fit as possible and have the right attitude basic should be okay. Have another pat on your back :w00t:
  7. 'Strict discipline' comes later. What you experienced was a gentle introduction. :wink:

    Anyway; very well done on passing, keep up your fitness and enthusiasm. It can slacken off if you don't get a quick intake date.

    If they still do the 1 1/2 mile warm up before the running test you scored an excellent time.
  8. Congratulations mate, im just a civvy but am wanting to apply just gotta get a case of shin splints sorted but its good to see someone getting in without much trouble. Hope I have a similar experience
  9. well done mate good run time. :D
  10. cheers for the info ben1985 got my interviews coming up then of to lichfield was the icebreaker difficult
  11. Congratulations fella :) I wish you all the best in your army career!

  12. Well done but you could've tried harder on the run you little slacker!

    But, I doff my cap to you Mr Young Gun; bloody good effort!
  13. Ah, well done Ben, decent runtime aswell!

    21 / 30 on TST, Is the test the same for each ATR as I have heard that some are out of 55? Could anyone provide abit more info on this please :)
  14. Well done mate! Congrats!

    Crap run time though, are you a geriatric? (jokes: f***ing good effort!)

  15. Good stuff
    Yea my TST was out of 55 also Uben, at Lichfield.