passed selection yesterday and could do with some advice,

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by ttayy, Oct 18, 2007.

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  1. Ok so i passed selection the other day and im going to harrogate as a junior entry in januery i think ( got to speak to my careers guy to confirm tomorow) anyway my first and second job choices were both signals but i chose them a month or two ago now and didnt have a clue what i wanted then, now after speaking to the people at selection and reading the posts on here i want to look at a career in the RE instead i was wondering about the c3 systems specialist or a sparky, any advice on these jobs would be great.

    i was also wondering if i can change my job choices now without having to go back to selection.


  2. NEVER use specialist when talking about C3S, special needs yes specialist no.

    sparky is the way forward.

    great trade & useful whne you get out in a couple of years.

  3. haha ok thanx
  4. Of course you can change you're job choice without doing selection again. Its selection to get into the Army you passed, your careers SNCO will put you right!

    By the way, congratulations!!!
  5. Well done mate, all the best.
  6. Are you in yet?
  7. You can ask to change your trade choice any time; however, in the Royal Engineers, as in life, you do not always get the choice that you want. Selection for trades in the Corps is can only be based on school education and test results from selection. You will be allocated a trade appropriate to your ability to learn that trade otherwise it's all a waste of time, effort and money.

    Good luck though and I hope that you get what you want.
  8. ... and don't listen to anything Gundulph advises ... he will have you up to your neck in mines and bombs before you know it!!! :lol:
  9. Don't spoil all the Fun k13eod :)
  10. OK Gundulph.

    ttayy, listen to what your good uncle Gundulph tells you ... bombs are fun!
  11. Dont listen to any of them.

    When you get to speak to the man that can tell him in a bold and loud voice.

    " I wish to become a man that can shape the world and achieve god like status within the Corps. I wish to become he who moulds the earth for God a man whom god has left in charge to shape this green planet for all to enjoy. I wish to become he who knows how to move the earth, he whom women will fall to their knees and pay homage to.... Sir i wish to become a planty for anything else is just not good enough."
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  13. I am sorry you are wrong

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  14. Nope, definately was ALL the pies!

    REgards from an Unsmited Knocker :p
  15. Don't ask K13eod anything, he will have you WALTING IT before you start!