Passed selection !!! Thanks for the help.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by SneakyTeen, Feb 26, 2009.

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  1. I passed selection today with a 10:19 run time and an overal B grade, its the best feelin ive ever had knowing that im goin to be in harrogate soon, even tho ive gotta wait until september, thanks for all the constructive replys and information that youve all given me, an if anyones got any questions ill be more than happy to answer to the best of my ability :)

    Thanks again.
  2. What are you going to do until September?
  3. run, run, run, run and do press ups :) Does anyone know if the AFCO normally do anything to keep you busy inbetween selection and basic ??

  4. What about getting a job? Temping, part-time, working agency, on the bins, something like that. Or are you going to sponge off the dole?
  5. Hi sneaky teen, my son got accepted for AFC(H) this time last year. Apart from doing his addtional education test he had no contact from the AFCO (aldershot) until he went for his education certificate check and his swearing in. in late August. He could have done a look and see course but he decided against it.

    In hindsight I think he could of done with some input from them as he really got cold feet as we got closer to the time to go. He hated the first week at AFC(h) it was such a shock, but now 6 months in he loves it. He is so inspired cant wait to get to Phase 2.

    Good luck on your prep. Keep running and injury free
  6. sneak, what section were you in?
  7. No they don't really care too much. Work on fitness and get a job like Sentinel said
  8. Congratz man.

    My selection is in like 2 months.. :(

  9. congrats - good grade as well!
  10. i go into harrogate about 2 months after i finish school so its all good.

    oh and to douthys question, i was in 4 section :)
  11. You're still at school - my apologies then. Straight out of school and into the army - best place to be at the moment mate - good luck to you.
  12. The recruting offices near me run a thing for fitness if your waiting to start phase 1. Its pretty good
  13. Sneakyteen what are you going in as?
  14. Im going as infantry, 3 mercian to be precise. :)
  15. I got 10:19 too

    good luck