Passed selection, onto basic, then into REME

Discussion in 'REME' started by Damon88, Dec 5, 2006.

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  1. Hopefully anyway. I passed Selection back in july and have had to wait untill february 5th to start basic. Assuming i get through basic, i'm going to be trained as an Electronics tech and want to do the avionics and apache courses.

    So what have i got to look forward to and what not to look forward to?

    Already know someone doing the same job and from what he has said it doesnt seem like a bad path to go down.
  2. A Very boring unsoldierlike life maybe with a few quals to beef up the CV
  3. Im doing the same mate. I start basic in January though, and assuming I get through that, I'l go to Arborfield to train as an Electronics Tech.
  4. what experience in the army have you had then Tytus?

    S_D1, what date in january?

    you never know we may be put on the same course at arborfield.

  5. Before you join the army for real then I will give you a quick lesson on PERSEC, dont mention names of people who are serving on public forums like this. Just because all of those nasty irishmen have stopped their naughtiness doesn't mean all is safe and rosy.
  6. if you want to go avionics and work on apache then you need to go for avionics tech not electronics tech, two different worlds! Its good as long as you dont want to travel much, postings are very limited however wherever in the world helicopters go you need too to. Pay is good, promotion is good and its generally a very friendly and relaxed working enviroment. However you will spend at least two years at arborfield (if your lucky and get loaded straight on to courses) doing phase two training and then a further 4-8 months (generally) continuation training in unit. When i was going through arborfield they were clamping down on the caliber of people going avionics as in 85% or above average across all your exams yet from the state of some of the new lads coming through this seems unbelievable. I enjoy it but doesnt mean everybody else would, want to know anything else just ask.
  7. It seems like theres loads of people who want to be wtf have I got no decent class 2's!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Oh yeah- and non of 'em are decent looking birds!!
  9. & certainly don't quote someone else when they fuck up, because when they realise & edit their post, yours is still visible to the world......


  10. Well from what my recruiter and and selectors at the glen corse told me i'l have to do the basic electronics course before moving onto the avionics course but theres also the chance that i may not get avionics and have to learn a different system.

    i dont really know too much at the moment. From my little experience so far it seems that the things they tell you on the outside are very different to hows actually work inside the army.
  11. you do do a basic electronics course, but you sign up as an avionics tech, thats your trade, the basic electronics course is part of your pahse 2. after that you go on to your avionics course then to your unit where if your lucky or unlucky depending on how you look at it you will do your apache course. if you want to play with helicopters sign on as a avionics tech. then when you do get to phase 2 if you dont make the grade you can still go land systems (electronics tech). Hope that makes sense
  12. Phase 1 training is 14 weeks military at Pirbright. I can't remember when the 14 week long course is (was) due to start.

    Phase 2 training is in Arborfield near Reading:

    12 weeks maths, science and hand skills

    26? weeks Electronics

    In between, there will be guard duties, general duties, being messed around, military training, being messed around, sport and a bit of being messed around....

    Then equipment training.

    To follow the Avionics path, you will have to gain better than 85% in all your exams as competition is fierce. Slip up and you will be offered another trade.

    Do not expect to depart the school in less than 2 years! It is hard work and a good trade unless you don't like Berkshire and Suffolk...

  13. i think my BE course lasted 32 weeks, but cant rightly remember
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