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Passed selection; need to rethink job choice

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Hi guys, sorry for the new account my old one seems to have been pruned as I've been inactive for awhile.

Finally passed selection after a deferral and I did really well, the only issue being I didn't get my job choice due to colourblindness. I finally got a list of jobs available to me (something I've been asking for since I first went to the careers office almost exactly a year ago now) and it's mostly logistics, medical or combat left, along with one REME job (technical support specialist, although that seems to be initially just a warehouse job which I've had my fill with)

I'm a late joiner in my mid-20's and am looking to be in it for the long haul, hopefully, so I'm looking at career opportunities rather than just 3-4 years of excitement. Can anyone enlighten me as to how important your initial job role is further down the line, if you manage to climb a couple of notches up the ladder? Does your work become more to do with your cap badge itself rather than your phase 2 trade?

Also, a couple of the trades open to me indicate they require a specialist interview (healthcare assistant, student nurse). Can anyone elaborate on that? I thought only Int Corps required a second selection.


If only there was a sticky thread clearly marked up as being the place for “which trade” related posts...
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