Passed Selection!!! Just Got Back

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Yarco, Mar 5, 2008.

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  1. Hi Guys Ive just got back from Pirbright, I Passed!! Such a good feeling being given the certificate at the end of the 2nd Day :D

    My Advice to anyone going is simple, dont be shy, be confident and use ur mouth, dont think that you will get through without saying nothing, cos you most definatly will not!! A few people failed because they were not vocal enough on the team tasks

    Thanks Everyone for your advice and support!!

    EDIT!: Just to add i did my run in 10:03
  2. Well done, what did you get on your run?

    and is Jerry cans easy??

    I go on Monday :p
  3. Good to hear, congratulations!
  4. Yes jerry can is easy,if you see your mates struggling on it give them encouragment and earn extra cookie points might be brought up in your interview that the PTI said you was giving encouragment on that.
    I only spoke when i needed to except when i needed to like the team tasks,encouragement i didnt shut the fcuk up and i passed,well referred to go see a specialist about a little excema.
    My advice would be take it in your stride dont flap out too much kinda shrug it off as no big deal but if you do this give it 110% not the kinda "i dont give a fcuk" shrug off the kind of "i really want this but i wont let it get me nervous and stressed" kind.

  5. read the edit for run time... and I found the jerry cans really easy to be honest just get a good grip, its not that far really.
  6. About being vocal; A couple of the lads with me passed, and I heard the floorboards more than I heard them...
  7. big congrats yarco and cal! well done lads