Passed Selection in september but have to wait to april?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by specle, Oct 14, 2009.

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  1. i pased selection in the middle of september and got a grade B. they said i done well and everything,

    but now they r telling me i have to wait until april next year to start basic.

    i still havnt even had that confirmed yet that is only what the carear people are telling me.

    anyone have the same problem? or can explain whats going on?

    im guessing the crunch!

    thanks in advance rob h.
  2. Budget cuts have led to a reduction in recruiting, you don't have to wait you can do something else instead if you like.
  3. That's the way things are unfortunately.

    You can let your AFCO know that you are prepared to take any spare places that become available on short notice.

    Or if getting in is more important than doing your ideal job you could change your job choice to one that's currently undermanned.

    But IMHO 6 months is a good period of time to improve on your fitness and it's better to do the job you want.
  4. im not to fond of spaz's sarcastic 'you can do something else if you like'

    im prepared to wait ovcourse, and the job is more important to me than just 'getting in'

    i am currently in work at the moment but with the recession i dont think i will be the other end of christmas.

    how long after selection do you usualy find out your date? because as i said they are just predictions.

    cheers rob h.
  5. Nobody on here is in a better position to answer that than your recruiting staff, give them a call.
  6. I passed in July with a B and I too still have hang on till April at the earliest. We're not alone mate.

    I must admit to being a bit doubtful that the magical intake fairies can squeeze us all in in April, so best of luck but be prepared to have an even longer wait ahead. Still, like has already been said, its a good opportunity to work on fitness etc.., you can never do enough really I'm told, but the more the better I suppose.
  7. I am sort of in the same boat, no open spaces till April 2010. I hav'nt started my app yet though so from now to april I will get all the medicals and selection out of the way ready.

    I have been told its because overmanning but thats 1 RTR not sure on rest of the Army.
  8. You don't have to be fond of it darling, it was an honest response to the title of your thread. I also gave you the probable reason for the delay.

    Now you can inform the AFCO that you are willing to start at short notice, as the other poster suggests, you can wait until April, or you can sack it.

    Personally I would recommend that you wait for the job that you want, April may seem like a long way away but in the grand scheme of things it's not. If you choose a trade you didn't really want, in order to start sooner, you will have plenty of time to regret it.
  9. If I pass selection Ill be waiting til at least April no doubt. Tbh I'd prefer to have a few month off so i can proper focus on getting really fit.

    I'd love to be able to goto basic feeling overly confident of the fitness side
  10. I passed in September aswell and I'm being told I have to wait till March
    but still havn't received confirmation that ive been secured a space there.
  11. its pretty easy to answer this as explained my AFCO. due to the recession and people not able to be employed on civvi street, the army have hit record numbers in applications. especialy within trade jobs. although do bare in mine not every job has an intake every month unlike infantry who do so. even at that iv got ADSC on the 28th and been told i wont be leaving till jan 24th at the earliest. infantry has always been the most demand job in the armed forces, yet at this moment they are so bombarded with applicants. so this kind of puts things into perspective. iv even been told by the WO that selection are even defering people for anything, even if you pass EVERYTHING. for the simple fact that the army only have certain quotas to accept every month to meet and WONT go over....basicaly they have too many people and not enough spaces therefore they can be picky and not just take anyone aboard!
  12. I passed im June...Go in Feb...Join the queue mate! Theres a lot of people vying for few spaces!
  13. HA! September to April only?! I had to wait November to November!!!
  14. I first spoke to a recruiter back at the end of june and was told then that for medic I will likely have to wait till next april.. As previously stated I cant see everybody getting the green light for phase 1 all at once so it could be longer than april, I know it will be worth the wait and believe with the less commited and weak having dropped out we will be serving alongside a stronger team that will have our back when our lives depend on it.
  15. Spaz gave a very honest and frank answer, no need for tears. Do you watch the news with regards to defence the army and funding?