Passed Selection - Glencourse

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by brettyboy69, Apr 30, 2008.

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  1. well passed yesterday, over the moon! glencourse it a nice place, its not to hard to pass either. typical scotish weather ment it was pi$$ing down for the 1.5 run! and since the course is in a forest area the mud was terrible.

    so got catterick in 2 weeks, for over 6 months of fun :D cant wait. anyone else going then?

    if you's need any help or advice on glencourse just ask me any questions

  2. well done mate, i passed yesterday as well at lichfield :). Yeh it ain't to hard to pass, just make sure you put effort into it for anyone else. Im going to catterick on the 1st july.
  3. congrats mate :)

    id say apart from the run, the main thing for passing is to be as loud as you can in the team tasks. they were sh!t hot about that at glencourse.

    well you never no i might see you at catterick. what you doing at catterick?
  4. well done fellas what were your times? what was the slowest time?
  5. Well done guys!
  6. my 1.5 mile time was 11.32 . i need to improve that, but im sure i can take a min of that in the next few months. To pass the 1.5 mile run for inf you got to do it in under 12.45, most other things are about 13 mins (apart from para's). Yeh the team task's are important. All i can say is make your self stand out on them. Get really involved with the group you are with and give them support when they need it. and im joining the Royal Welsh Inf mate. What about you?
  7. Well done lads, still aching hey especially from the Grenade throw and teamtasks!
  8. Well done!!!

    I passed Glencorse aswell on the 10th April. Im off to Catterick May 18th joining 1 Mercian (22nd Cheshire) Regiment. Whens your date?
  9. Make sure to tell them that when you tip up at Catterick. They will be grateful for your feedback and may even make you top of the class. The rest of your intake will admire you for this.
  10. alright geeze my run time is about the same as yours. just waiting on the doc to fill in my RG8 then ill be off! im joining royal anglian reg good luck geeze let me know how you get on
  11. my run time was 10.50 at glencourse, still plenty room for improvment but hey it was enough to pass.

    ill be joining the 3rd battalion rifles, based up in edinburgh, just been to see the colour sargent from them at my careers office and says the whole battalion will be in afghan in 2009 8O .

    good luck everyone, hope to see yous at catterick