Passed Selection !!! (Glencorse)

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Mr.Bojangles, Mar 11, 2008.

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  1. Hey everyone just got back from ADSC(G) and got top marks for everything! :D , had a great two days and just want to say thanks to everyone who gave me advise etc, so Thanks! . Only downside is I didn't get my 1st job choice because of eye sight reqs, but nevermind im still over the moon.

    ~ Mr.B
  2. congratulations!!!

    what job did you get in the end? and what was your first choice?

  3. Congratulations bud, was waiting for you to post this thread.

    Got my selection (P)on Monday.

    What was your run time and what was the atmosphere like?
  4. same questions :D got my ADSC tomorrow :)

  5. My run time was 10:37 (it was 11:11, just before I went)

    Grenade Test = 10/10
    Military Knowlege Test = 20/25
    Got Grade A for all my PSSR Tests and Grade 1 for my run.

    I met a few lads at the train station before going to the centre so we all got to know each other pretty quickly. All of us were nervous during the medical (which took up about 4 hours on day one for us) but after you get the all clear from the doctor you begin to relax, and the Officers will tell you after the medical the rest is easy, and he is right, If any off you spoke to me before you would know I was terrifed about the tests etc, but while your doing them you just get on with it and they are over before you know it.

    My second job choice is RA - MRLS .

    Good luck to all those who are going to ADSC in the near future, its only hard if you make it hard.
  6. Military Knowlege Test = 20/25

    What the fudge is this then?

    Any info would be great as I've not yet heard of this...
  7. This is probaly the written assesment on the grenade if not i havent got a clue.

    Told you you would pass Mr b.
  8. The Military Knowlege Test is for people who are not sitting a TST.

    Its very easy, and I think its just used to pass the time, its questions like..

    Does the Army have its own Police force?

    Name 3 Corps in the British Army.

    Its really simple stuff. It just shows if your a nugget or not.

  9. Alrighty then.

    Grats to you matey, glad to made it.

    Where you headed now?
  10. ok, without sounding like a total muppet, but i aske my recruiter this the other day, what does corp stand for/mean? he didnt have a clue and had been in service for 22 years :O

  11. CORPS??? a corps is like royal engineers, infantry, qaranc, reme, etc.
  12. Its basicly the name of the branch of the army your joining. Some examples..

    Army Air Corps, Royal Corps of Signals, Army Medical Corps etc.

    A Regiment is used in infantry for example.

    The Black Watch, The Royal Regiment of Scotland etc.
  13. jesus, my recruiter didnt know that :S now im worried lol

    so im going in for the Army Infantry Corps

  14. well done mr b told you you'd pass
    once again well done
  15. I said in my Ice breaker that I wanted to join the Royal Engineers because they are the best corps and the sgt there stopped me and said "Corps?? Isnt that a name for a f**cking dead body?" LMAO