Passed selection for REME, changing to Infrantry ??

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i first went in the carreers office on a whim, not veyr clued up, but soon become dead sert on joining up, did interviews, BARBS etc

my 1st job choice was REME - Armouer,

i passed sellection in June with a 2 or b, and a run time of 9.57 but i have improved on that,

Since i have had this much time to think, and after going to a show of force with PWRR (my local regiment) i am seriously wanting to joing 2PWRR

As i havent got my basic training date yet, is it possible for me to completely change my mind and follow what my heart is saying, but not so much my head (which is saying get a trade)

Sorry before anyone says phone your CO but hoping for some more advice on here before i take this further,

Advice appriciated
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