Passed Selection :D

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by leguy, Jun 28, 2007.

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  1. :D I passed selection in lichfield earlier this week...thanks to the people who give me tips. i dun my run in 9.30 (which i shud have dun better in), 5 heaves (pretty rubbbish), done the 55 KG dynamic lift (its easy guys bare in mind im 16 and only 5'6 witha small frame), 9/10 grenade test, and 43 on the TST.(maths test)
    if anyone needs tips PM.
  2. very well done mate, good run time ! i am 18 and hopeing to get my run done in that time ! as for heaves i have decent upper body strength and jus ordered meself a chinup bar to train with :), 55kg dynamic lift wht is tht ?
  3. like a gym machine - it sort of mirrors the action of a weightlifter wer u flick ur wrists to get the weight across ur chest- its easy ull have no problems with it
  4. Its too imitate the ammunition box lift you do in basic training, the dynamic lift that is
  5. thanks laden
    tht sounds more sensible
  6. leguy check PM mate.
  7. Congrats buddy when/where you headed for basic? Nice time on the run, I managed 9:48 at pirbright on selection and managed to fall over twice in the process!
  8. well dun for fallin over lol, i almost did at a few points thanks to the brilliant british weather
    im goin to harrogate, in sept or january wht about u
  9. Congrats.

    Whats the grenade test well i mean what do you do?
  10. the granade test is you get a dummy of a grande and a copral will go over the differences between a live grande and a false traning granade and u lern the colours of them and other bits n bobs on them its protty striahgt forward as he covers it well ..i aint the brightest of lads and have a sh!T memory and i got 9/10 on it pal soo no sweat there =) ul do fine pal and wel done for passing mate =) ......u do the granade wen ur doing ya medical and u wil have a test 4-5 hours after so have to remeber (its a memory test if ya will ) =) ..parker..
  11. Are there any spelling tests in selection?

    Congrats anyway.
  12. ITC Catterick 12th August, what regiment are you planning to join? The weather had nothing to do with it for me im just clumsy when it comes to speedbumps!
  13. no there isnt spelling tests in the selection soo i can spell how i like thank you and i was just rushin as i have other things on my mind and trying to do 10 things at once ... =D
  14. hey leguy im goin for selection soon at lichfield, What is the 2.4km course like? Did you have to do any pressups there? Also what is the maths test like? Im good at maths just been a while since i did any maths! Thank you in advance!
  15. Well done mate. After I passed selection at Pirbright I went and got pissed at the pub next to the train station. Then i was sick on the train back home.