Passed Selection, but...

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by RetroMozza, Mar 27, 2009.

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  1. Hi guys

    I passed selection yesterday. I had my job choice down at infantry but after spending 2 days at selection I've realised I don't want to do that anymore.

    My careers office rang this morning and gave me a start date of 19th April for basic, but I told him my thoughts..

    He said to pop in and see them, but I may have to travel back upto Glencorse and do my TST...

    I'm thinking of joining the Int. Corps or CMT, would I have to do a TST for them choices?
  2. intelligence corps i think you would, i guy from my selection had it as his first choice and he did a tst
    CMT don't think so.
  3. Im just curious, if you knew from the start that you wanted to go inf, what made you suddenly change your mind over a period of 48 hours?!! Remember that you can change cap badge at any time but youve been offered a place for April 19th (i start that date too at catterick lol) but if you went back to Glencorse did TST's you could be waiting months and months to start bearing in mind that recruitment seems pretty busy at the moment, you could lose your motivation over this time etc. maybe not even end up doing it after advice would be to crack on with inf get some experience and if you dont like it change trade/capbadge.
  4. Couple of reasons really..

    1. I consider myself fairly intelligent, and after seeing some of the lads going into the inf at selection, I believe I can offer more than that and will fit in better elsewhere
    2. I want to move up the ranks quicker than they do in the inf
    3. I want a long career in the army, and inf don't tend to have the longest careers

    I just wanted to get going in the army and didn't want a long wait. However, after going through selection, I've realised that going in the inf because I didn't want to wait longer would be a big mistake..
  5. Not being funny, but what are you basing reasons 2 and 3 on. ?
  6. I think you will find that there are 'fairly intelligent' lads in the infantry, and there will be less intelligent ones too - same as pretty much every where else in the army. You got 76 on your Barb test too so your not exactly stephen hawkings :) ...also youll find a lot of infantrymen will do their full 22 years....infantry is a career for life other trades some join as a short term plan to get quals and experience before moving on to something else.
  7. Scarletto - we got told in a brief that many infantrymen don't have a full career because "they are too old to be sticking bayonets into people". Reason 3, I know that some job roles state that you normally rank up to Corporal before the end of training..

    Sudehead, not exactly Steven Hawkings no, but I do have every job available to me. I like to think that if I choose a job that requires A levels then I will bump into more fairly intelligent lads than the less intelligent ones.

    No offense to anyone in the infantry, they do a ******* great job, but I think I'd be better suited to another role now.
  8. BTW - some trades might get thier first tape out of training , but promotion prospects in alot of trades are smaller because there is more competition and less jobs. I'd rather work with sound blokes who dont have lots of quals than someone who thinks thier better than me out to climb the greasy pole.
  9. There isnt a TST requirement for Int Corps or RAMC for CMT, there is

    If you want to go Int Corps however, a 2 day selection held with the Int Corps after successful selection at ADSC.

    A point to note on the Infantry side of life, if the career span of the Infantry was so long then i have to wonder why there is a re-enlistment bounty of £8000 to entice people back in ;)

    Bear in mind that the Infantry makes up a massive part of the Army, to suggest that they potential serve longer than anyone else is wrong, the retention problems are the same for everyone at the moment and the outflow of Infantry soldiers is just as noticeable (if not more) as any other Cap badge.

    Oh and a BARB score of 76, whilst it isnt going to get you into NASA, it is a very high average, i see talk of the BARB score on here regularly and in general a good average for most offices i would estimate at being around 50-55.

    Lastly and this is to the original poster, you are basing your perception of what infantry soldiers are like around what you have seen at selection, despite what you may think about them the Infantry has produced some of the most professional soldiers i know, many of whom probably couldnt pass the BARB test now for anything other than Infantry, but give them a job to do or a project to run i have seen them wipe the floor with equivalent ranks from Technical cap badges...

    Why? because they tend to have a better street sense to start with and get on with the job rather than obsessing over problems that they might not even encounter.

    So dont rule the Infantry out because plenty of them do extremely well for themselves later in civilian life and those that dont generally never took advantage of what the Army has to offer or tried to coast through their career ;)

    (just my personal opinion obviously, oh and i am not Infantry)
  10. Far be it from me to question your logic, being a thick Infanteer and all but many people have gone on to a full and interesting career in the Infantry.

    You may end up working in stores or an AFCO at some point (I'm talking 12+ years here) but by that point you'll probably be getting fed up with doing Platoon attacks up and down training areas, you'll have done your fair share of Op tours, and you'll probably have a family that have put up with you and your choice of career over many years.

    If after so many years in the Infantry you can always transfer to another capbadge if it's getting a little stale for you.

    You are entitled to your oppinions but having served both in a Corp for 'intelligent' types and in the Infantry I find the Corps to be full of back stabbers and cliques whereas the Infantry is a much more laid back social atmosphere and any problems generally get sorted out in the open either by talking or smacking eachother.

    The choice as always is yours though.
  11. just to let you know, CMT start dates are now into next year, so id stay Inf if i was you, many of my mates have gone infantry, they all have varying degrees of inteligence, one has A levels, so its what attracts you dont just base it on what alot of dicks think of infantry outside the army.
  12. There is always the possibilty of joining a corps that asks more 'intellectually' pf thier members but not shinning because your really not that bright... making remarks about the infantry like that, i would tend to believe just that...
  13. im not even in yet and i respect infantry loads, alot of my mates are in and as they may not be as bright as others, that doesnt make them any different.
  14. If your switched on in the infantry, you can pick up quicker than in technical trades (other than those where you can pick up straight out of training due to job requirements ), all you need is a good tour under your belt (and as you should of guessed, tours come thick and fast, especially for the para's and those under the duristriction of 16 air assault brigade) and not be a total nob and thats you with a a 'nana on your chest.

    In the last few years, since our infantry have been working flat out in a purely infantry role, it has become very apparent, very quickly who can / will cope with the job and are therefore rewarded. The days of having to wait for the CO to leave before everyone moves up one have gone.