Passed Selection, but now Im not sure...

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by SamS, Oct 20, 2006.

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  1. As the title suggests, yesterday I returned from doing Army Selection at Pirbright.

    I want to go in as a Royal Engineer Sparks, and I did get offered the job as I had passed everything to the required standard. However, my 2 days at the ADSC have seemingly put me off the idea of joining.

    Is it normal for Army recruits to go into the mess hall without showering first?! It must have been a good 10 hours before we even got the chance to shower, I felt like a right minging tw@t for ages!

    Don't get me wrong, I didn't struggle with anything physical or mental that they had us doing, or the team tasks, but I did have an issue with a certain Coporal who had short-fat-man-with-glasses syndrome. This tw@t obviously thought he was the dog's and gods gift to the Army and the hardest cnut alive, but he did nothing but annoy me with bigging himself and his so-called "hard" mates in the fckin drop shots.
    The only coporal I had any respect for was the scottish PTI. Even though he was the one who beasted us (and I use that term loosely, it was nothing impossible) he seemed the most genuine out of the whole training team. The officers strung out their speeches that were obviously the 100th time they had said them, it was all the same bullsh1t.

    Much was said about the 14 weeks training, but little or nothing about Phase 2 or even trade training, which is why most of us were there. Sure, teach us about grenades, even test us on them, but most of us are there for technical trades, and while I understand it is part of basic which everyone goes through, I feel that maybe more could have been done to convince us that going through the Army for these trades was the best way.

    So, I am now undecided about what to do. Not sure what kind of response I am looking for from the ARRSE community, and I know that there will probably be slaggings towards me, which I am prepared for and not too concerned about, but if anyone has any positive advice (or negative) then fire away please.

  2. Welcome to the Army.
  3. If you don't like it don't join. Simple really. Next!
  4. It'll all be OK once you get to the Corps.

    Sparky's a good trade (but not as good as Surveyor RE mind! :wink: ) and you'll be in with some good lads.

    Best of luck.
  5. see how it goes if you dont like it leave but i suggest you try it first mate
  6. The Corporal you mentioned,there are a few of these in whatever Regiment you join,they go to Depot giving it the Larry Large and in reality back at their Bn/Regiment they are thought of as complete C*ck's ! Bare in mind though these bloke's are in the minority,good luck with your decision...
  7. The Engineer's is prob. one of the most lad back corps, after REME. I left the Engineers last year, and I can tell you that you meet c0cks like that out here in civvie street, too. I meet quite a few, and that's just through working part-time.

    Join the Army, do a couple of years and then if you hate it, leave: I served eight years, and I'm at uni now. During that time, I travelled the world, sailed, ski-ed, shot and did a hell of a lot of drinking all over the world, as well as study for the qualifications that got me into university (partly funded by the Army, BTW). Whereas some of the people I went to school with, have never even had a holiday in that time.

    Drunken Lobster.
  8. Positive advice - you've got a fcukin attitude which if you're not in yet you don't deserve - so lose it if you want to join.

    As has been said - if you don't like what you see then don't join it is your choice.

    Good luck with whatever you choose.
  9. Little bloke, silver/white hair?

    When there was a draw on the team task he pulled the old 'Do you know what it means if there are no winners? You're all losers. On the floor.'

    Seemed like an alright bloke.
  10. some things you have to take with a pinch of salt and control what you really think

    i used to have a really really bad short fuse and would flip over anything

    i learn to control it nowadays though ;)
  11. Or was the scottish bloke ginger, with biceps that bulged out massively everytime he bent his arms?

    Despite how much the army seem to dislike PTI's, they all seemed like alright blokes.

    Then again, probably on a leash until we get in, THEN they can really beast us. :)

    I felt a bit like you after selection, but i figure the only way to know if its for me or not is to get in and give it a go. You can leave during phase 1 if it really isn't your taste.
  12. Mate, the best bit of advice I have heard, was from the company sergeant major on my ADSC course, adsc, phase 1 etc is NOT the army, the army is a completely different animal, despite what some of the other more grisled members of the ARRSE community might say!. If you really want to join the army do your phase 1 and trade training and then make your decision when you get to your Corps. Don't worry about the arrsehole nco's either, there was a Royal Signals bloke on mine who had been in the army for sixteen years and was only a corporal??, walking around giving it the bigg'un trying to scare a bunch of sixteen year olds. You'll get these everywhere though so just get used to that one! Good luck whatever you do.

    Cheers Easy!
  13. who said the army dont like PTI's? No-one told me! :oops:

  14. You just have the first time jitters. Its like it with anything, you do something new and your nervous. If you dont like it after basic training, you dont have to go any further. Give it a crack, you will be fined once you get to your regiment. And remember all the other lads and lasses there are in the same boat as you.
  15. When i had my RSC the first day was sh1t ,
    the second day was the best , having a good banter with your section and
    it is also arder then the first then you deal with the corporals and you get the feal For the Army. I think the harder your corporals are the more you learn from them and thet is what it is about. I enjoy my RSC and did not want to leave at the end but the hard work strats now.