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Discussion in 'RAC' started by STAB2ARABConverter, Mar 6, 2007.

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  1. I just today, as in 5 minutes ago, got home from completing my 2 day RSC. My Interviewing Officer was "delighted" with my scores across the board too which i was chuffed about.

    However he added, i cant do ANY of my 3 job joices because my eyesight isnt good enough and i have 3 points on my license. My first 2 choices were HCav and RAC and my last was Armoured Engineer, mainly because i love tanks and its all i wanted to do.

    My question to any in the know is: Can Laser Eye Surgery improve my eyesight enough to pass? Will i need a "cooling off" period between surgery and enlistment and most of all, why oh why was i only informed of this AFTER 2 interviews, a medical, an opticians report AND my selection course?? :frustrated:
  2. Whats your current prescription as in the +'s or -'s

    Hcav isnt a job choice its a regiment :threaten:
  3. i dont know all i glimpsed from the sheet was i was 6/9 in both eyes uncorrected and 6/6 corrected. Gutted.
  4. What are you now going to do regarding your job in the army
  5. Well the Interviewing Officer recommended i look at Gunner Special Observer in the Royal Artillery which does look interesting but a little hardcore, so i dont know. He literally landed it in my lap. Im fuming about this, i should have been told prior to selection so that i could apply for something else.
  6. I really think you need to take this up with someone, if you passed the medicals and the opticians report then i dont see why they say your eyesight isnt good enough
  7. I rang a few minutes ago, AFCO is shut until tomorrow. Looks like my lifetime ambition will never reach fruition... theres only one thing to do!

    Go to the Pub!
  8. Stick with it, with the best will there's always a way!
  9. so glad you think so, any recommended courses of action?
  10. Well my first question would be can my eyesight be rectified and or would a documented second opinion clear up this problem if it exists.

    second question as I passed my test 26 yrs ago. Is 6/6 with correction the top score or lowest? If it is the top their are plenty of people in the RAC with glasses.

    Third "Gnr special observer" Sounds to me you have to use the mark one and vision equipment which is both thermal and visual?? Does this mean recruiting in the RAC is pretty dam good and they are trying to sway you to other arms?????
  11. Well firstly i believe that laser surgery isnt exactly thought of highly for joining the Army, not sure why, just something ive picked up on forums.

    The 3 points on your licence is or appears to be a stumbling block, know of two others who have points on licence who have not got RAC Job choices, this is over about past 6 months.

    However id think it may be over recruitment in RAC, as id think that if your eyes are good enough to be a special OBSERVER in the RA, then they would be as a Tank crewman.

    Maybe were just full up
  12. If they are just "full up" why didnt he say that? Why go through the rigmarole of lying to me? Something i would find very hypocratic in an organisation that says one of its core values is "Integrity". I know people who are having to wait months for their next job intake, could they not tell me when the next job would be available? I was a bit shocked when he said Gunner Special Observer as you have to be Commando AND Para trained, surely this would, as you say, require better eyesight?
  13. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Best advice - Go and have a chat with the ACIO bods and find out all the facts before you say or do anything. The mad bear is correct, laser treatment is not something that is highly thought of for some reason.
  14. Point to note, a small (very) chavvy youth with an attitude problem and a run time over 30 seconds slower than mine was offered a job in the RAC at the same RSC!
  15. Tis a very small point really,as the QDG will take anyone.

    Actually that has no relevance, as youve already said youve 3 points and your eyes arent up to scratch, and very small is okay for small tanks, and attitude tends to get your head filled in, in training.

    Not sure on this special observer thing, weve a lad were i work who is one of them in the TA, and he isnt Para or Commando trained? and id say only available after youve joined not on joining

    Ummm its the Army