Passed Selection (another thread)

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Locky, Nov 1, 2007.

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  1. well
    my run time was 9:58 (ice breaker i said 11:30)
    chinups was 10 im 10st5lb (i said 5 or 6 in my ice breaker)
    team tasks well, first was crap the other 2 went PERFECT did them very fast, first time up there and i passed, shudnt have no problems getin the job of my choice, royal artillerys command systems :D:D:D
  2. hey mate congrats on passing, ive just started into applying hope i get to where you are now
  3. congrats
  4. Congratulations, enjoy your time.
  5. Congratulations. Takes me back about 30 years. Well done.

    May I offer contrary advice? Most people will probably say to never volunteer for anything. I say the opposite. Volunteer for everything as that gives you (in the end) far more experiences.

    Do as much as you can while you have the opportunity.
  6. Well done mate!
  7. Well done mate.

    And if they ask is anyone good with fixing plugs, say yes!
  8. congratulations enjoy your career.
  9. Well done,
    Good luck for your army career
  10. Congrats! I remember basic training in 1967.
  11. Congratulations!
  12. Congrats mate, Thats coming up for me very soon.
  13. Well Done and Enjoy
  14. thankyou all !

    upnorthfighter, do not worry about it mate i thought i wud get defered and i pissed it, ul have no problem provided ur reasonably fit :D
  15. Well done mate, not as hard as we think it all seems is it lol.