Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by hellogoodbye, May 31, 2007.

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  1. Was well happy when the Major said i'd passed!

    managed jerrycan carry
    7 heaves :roll:
    9mins 59secs run
    10/10 grenade test

    Found the PTI's to be tossers
    Corporals are really strict 4 the people who havent been there dnt fkin expect a doss by the way its fkn tough discipline
    Sgt Major liked my bed, well hitting it with his stick

    And erm, i'm jus happy I was selected
  2. Well done and congrats,

    Should be going to pirbright in about 3 week for my selection. Really nervous.

    Good luck to you for the future.

  3. lol what do u think about the Corporal who sits at the desk.....hes a ******* ass hole lmao

    but the other Corporal who picked us up from the train station is class....funny ****** he is...he always made us do bastard's cos people were laughin at him.ill never forget him lol what time it is bastard time lol
  4. we had the Sgt Major come into r room 4 times lmao because things were clearly wrong......the lads who i was with were idiots little 17 year olds whos balls hadnt droppd yet....but some how everybody that was there got the jobs they wanted and there must of been around 40 people there
  5. ahh the funny corporal u goota be on about the one with the commando dagger on his uniform? the Royal Engineers bloke?
  6. yea thats him lol....what do you think about the women thats a sgt.....i think shes sound
  7. found myself weirdly attracted 2 her :?
  8. where r u doing ya phase 1
  9. where the best go mate :p harrogate n urself?
  10. lmao am sure.....winchester for me july 23rd lucky me its 4 days after my 21st birthday
  11. hahah well done mate!

    the sergeant major's sound, but the corpral behind the desk most of the time is a prick =/. so is that lance corpral salt. the lil short pti one. haha. but the one who took me back to the station was sound. put on those funny vids while we where waiting for the interviews :p

    what you joining as?

    and again well done :)
  12. junior entry welsh guards fella urself?
  13. You must've eaten 2 Para's that morning then eh?......................... :p :lol:
  14. haha yeah 8)
  15. i found the short pti guy sound tho sometimes he did think he was funny...... but i enjoyed it while i was there.i got a time of 9.25 on the run.i could of made it 9mins am sure if it was not for the hill on the last lap......

    and for the grenade throwing omg some **** about hit me on the head while i was running for the one that i had thrown.....

    gd one tho for passing even tho its piss easy.....just wait for the 6 mile group run while in phase 1 lol