passed rsc!

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by conure, Aug 5, 2005.

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  1. got a pretty shitty time on my run though..10 mins 20 seconds, but got the job I wanted (infantry)...
    Time to move to catterick then..
  2. RTFQ


    Well done fella. Keep on top of your fitness, as soon as that becomes a problem you'll know about it.

    Good luck.
  3. Well done mate and good choice going for infantry

    Iv got my interview on Wednesday at which they will give me my dates for RSC and then hopefully will have 22 weeks at Catterick to look forward to(also going for infantry).We might bump into each other :)

    What regiment are you going for?

    Again well done!

  4. Well done mate, did mine last week and thoroughly enjoyed it....

    which regiment u going to mate?

    good luck
  5. Thanks! I'm going PWRR, will probably bump into you at catterick without knowing, my group failed on every single command task! we'd get near the end and the time would run out, I thought I'd failed..what about you hohaha, what regiment are you joining? I take it you're going Infantry?
  6. Nah, im going........wait for it.............RMP!

    ive had plenty of stick for it on here so far but there you go!

    I was lucky to get a good group at the team tasks, strong enough to get them done between us but not so one bloke was running the show, gave us all an opportunity to put our tuppence worth in

    good luck with all u do mate, and stay out of trouble, wouldnt want to give you a blue light taxi back to camp....... :)
  7. I hope I NEVER run into you now...:D
  8. Haha genius!!!!

    No im not going to be one of the stereotypical jumped up RMP ive heard so much about on this site, you do your job, ill do mine, and if we do ever meet itll be on good terms :)

  9. hehe, good good :), I've only been out of RSC for 5 hours now and I already miss it, going from doing loads of stuff and constantly being on the move, to being alone and on the pc again, is boring..Should I expect any of the phase 1 stuff to be similar to the activities at RSC?
  10. From what ive read/heard/researched, yes!

    There'll be a hell of a lot of PT, with the onus of course on improving your scores for the test week. and a lot of getting shouted at/ marching about/ being banded about from pillar to post constantly.

    Did u get the little phase 1 booklet after your interview? theres some fairly good info i there, kit list etc, perhaps some more experienced arrsers out there could offer up some advice?

  11. Yeah i got that little booklet, my favourite activity was the grenade training, it had been pouring with rain and for some reason i found laying in the mud everytime i heard the word grenade shouted, fun..
  12. SADIST!!!!

    All i managed to do is rip my knees and elbows to buggery, going from a sprint to diving on piles of gravel isnt my idea of fun!

    still, each to their own......
  13. Congratulations Conure , well done :D
  14. Im going for the Royal Anglian Regiment 'Poachers'.

    Can't wait to do my RSC mate...How long after you're second interview did you go for RSC?
  15. about a week and a half, it was very soon!