Passed PFT still P7

Hi, my regiment have decided after 7 years loyal service to admin discharge me on medical grounds. I enlisted in 2001 and dislocated my shoulder 2002 in poland, had op and fixed with no probs since. Deployed op telic 1 and had Ischemic attack 2 weeks before due to come back, no probs since 2004 and green light from neurology. Injured my lower back last year and got worse in poland (casevac). Phyio and rehab till deployed to batus same year with no probs. Deployed op telic 12 and fecked my back (aeromed after 2 months). Now I know that 3 injuries in 7 years is more than normal soldiers and I have been unlucky when/where my injuries have occured. I was P3 from Dec 04 untill aeromed from telic 12 when headley court put me at P7 to protect me so I could start physio/rehab. Now all this is happened with no forewarning and totally out of the blue. I just passed a PFT but they won't upgrade me to P3 so I could have even a reasonable chance to transfer. My back is better than it was last year (when P3) after attending RRU recently. All I want is to stay in the army. Can anyone advise me. Hard to speak to official personnel as everyone is on leave. Sorry about the long post but thought it better to have details. Thanks
Admin discharge on medical grounds. I have exemplary service record but since my injury is not severe enough to warrant a full medical discharge they are doing it this way. I was accused verbaly of malingering about two years ago and I told them it was a load of crap and started to make waves in my defence. They did not pursue it as I did not malinger and never have but I upset some people and it looks like they were just waiting for me to go to P7 and do this as a soldier cannot be admin discharged on medical grounds unless he is P7, it also means the only thing benefit wise I will get is resettlement.
The RMO told me it was basically out of her hands and that occy health had intervened after being contacted by my unit, the problem I have is that I have almost completely recovered from my back injury and the RRU educated me on how to stay fit and manage my injury. I don't know how occy health can make this decision without even interviewing me, all they have done is listen to my unit and look at my med docs. All I really want is to transfer. It is obvious that my unit does not want me but I believe I can have a good career in another corps but no one will touch me as P7. Thats why I did the PFT to try and get up to P3, I know I will have to prove that I can keep my fitness up but it feels like no one is giving me a chance and I have just been discarded. Is there any way I can fight the discharge?

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